Finding Your Inner Genius and Einstein’s Philosophy...Search For the Thing That Gives Meaning to Your Life...

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Hi Steemians!

It can be proven with simple math and science that everybody’s existence is in one way or another purposeful. It is only on us to find that purpose and inner light.

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, believed that everybody is a genius. Everybody’s existence is bound by a purpose and everybody’s life is blessed with a talent.

There is an inner flame in each and every one of us. From the ashes of a broken man, a fire lights brighter than that of the sun. If you do not see that flame, it only goes to prove that you have not yet found it, or have mistaken it for something else.

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Einstein is quoted as saying:
“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Everyone is inherently inclined towards a certain area of expertise in life. To think that you are useless or the strain of your livelihood is meaningless is falling into the same trap of deceit and illusory thought that gives birth to all our fears and doubts.

Do not see yourself as the reflection of the mirror of the people around you. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a set of particular talents. To think that you have to achieve the thing that they achieve or be able to do the things that they do is as ludicrous as it is impractical. In this manner, losing your self-confidence is merely a mental mistake and something that society is predisposed to believe in.

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Search for the thing that gives meaning to your life. Search for the thing that you are really good at it. Do things not because other people do it, but because you want to do it. As Matthew McConaughey once said, “Who you are not is just as important as who you are.”

Try to realize who you are not. You are not them. You are you. And you are unique. And that is everything that you need to live a life of purpose and meaning, a life of satisfaction and desire.

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Talent and prowess are arbitrary and innate. It is a proven scientific fact that we are all unique beings in this cosmos. Have faith in yourself, for if you do not, who will? If you cannot trust this, trust the voice of reason that comes from the brightest people who have ever graced the face of this Earth;

“Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” – Kallam Anji Reddy
“His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly's wings.

At one time he understood it no more than the butterfly did and he did not know when it was brushed or marred.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Everybody has talent, it's just a matter of moving around until you've discovered what it is.” – George Lucas




We all are blessed with some kind of talent usually. The one who recognizes and polishes it, goes ahead.

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“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

This is a great quote, one that should welcome people in every school and institution. Most of the self-esteem issues adults have are the result of not having internalized this mantra. Individual differences should be respected and encouraged. Unfortunately, societies tend to contradict themselves a lot demanding individuality while promoting homogeneity.

It's like the "feminist" artists who participate in sexploitation musical video clips. The average youth consumes that product, imitate the “artists” in them and then complain because they are objectified and wonder why their lives do not seem to have any meaning or consequence.

Kids can be very cruel with those who can't dance or sing well; or those who are really bad with technology and are out of touch with show business and all that crap. Their criticism can make anyone feel inept or inadequate.

Steemit is a platform that can help people develop their talents if they can find their niche. It does not make any sense, especially here with so many contest and challenges, to compete with writers/poets when we are not writers/poets and then be hard on ourselves.

Some people are good at writing, others at talking, others at playing video games or drawing. I think this is the perfect place to thrive in whatever talent we may have if we do it without complexes or anxiety.

That's right, my friend, I totally agree with you. You have been one of the best here in this blog with very significant comments and a positivism that I like a lot and I'm sure for everyone else here. As you yourself have said, we have to engage in certain niches that we have more empathy and that is why you may realize that I have never attacked someone who writes on this blog with attacks or disrespecting someone. When this happens, I ignore it or give it back with a rose and sometimes I wonder: why a person writes something negative in a blog that already has more than 200 posts written only as positive messages and sharing experiences between people with A positive mentality?

Why do not these people go looking for their negative niche if they are like that, instead of going into the positive yard and trying to plant the seed of negativity?

If these people actually read and see what happened in the last two months in this community where I gave my best, they may not have acted the way they did.

I think we, who are trying to build this positive community, should be attentive to these people who sometimes try to plant these words of negativity and respond to them to seek their place.

We are here to respect and have high level dialogues and as I always say: Respect must always be above all else!

I do not know what would be the expression in English that best translated what I usually say in my native language that is: Each one in his square! LOL Regards

Nicely put. Your native language, is portuguese, right?
in Venezuela we say, zapatero a su zapato :)
I have been tempted to respond to some of those haters who are always pooping parties, but that puts me in a tense vibra. I hate that sensation. I have had very nasty exchanges with racists, religious biggots, pro weapons and even though I always conduct myelf with civility appealing to reason and argumentation, it feels terribly when you hit walls of intolerance and arrogance.
Ignoring them sometimes is the best policy.

yeahh i agree. why would people ruining positive atmosphere by comment negative comment, while he or she can choose to make good comment and supporting and building other in positive way

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Saludos gente, en función a lo planteado, será posible ver la situaciones negativas como momentos de aprendizaje, en los cuales debemos de poner atención a las señales que se nos quiere transmitir. Según lo planteado en esta publicación, de eso se trata la vida! en este sentido lo que se debe es celebrar de alguna manera los malos momentos, aceptarlos con madurez, tomar lo que se deba de tomar y seguir adelante, sin ver para atrás. Estaré atento a sus valorados comentarios.

Nothing in this universe is free, behind all things and people there is a reason, and everyone has to find theirs. Although this is not very easy to do, it is a long journey to travel, an adventure to undertake, but it is worth doing, especially if we do not want to wander through life.

who say to become success is easy . if it was easy , all people in the world will become successful . He who seek it is only person who deserve it

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Great words Juan! Regards

I agree with Einstein. Immediately apologize for my English. English is bad for me. Therefore, not everyone can understand me! )) only the most elected. hahaha
I agree that there is a genius in each of us. Just not everyone wants to show it. Or some just lazy. Here, for example, artists!
There is no inspiration. It is not true. In my opinion, spiritual strength and creative growth are the usual components of a person who loves his work / hobby. And the time when you are tired, lazy or reworked is everyone.
Those famous artists (and other popular creative characters) whom we know for years have been painting their paintings not because there was no inspiration and they waited for the muse.
Many who abused alcohol and other drugs. And in general, they were quite good parasites.
In such a state, a muse can come to them, of course.
for example

Picasso. He drank a lot and used drugs.
My favorite - Salvador Dali smoked opium.
Van Gogh. Treated alcohol addiction in a psychiatric clinic.
Modigliani. Opium and hashish.
Pyatnitsky. He drank a lot and died of heroin overdose.
Savrasov. He died of delirium tremens in a hospital for the poor.

For example, Stephen King, was an alcoholic and did not even remember how he wrote many of his novels.
Yes, and many of these, we study them in school.
Also, the list of suicides against the background of bad habits is huge.
Yesenin (drank a lot, hanged himself),
Mayakovsky (did not drink, but drank heroin and shot himself), Tsvetaeva (hanged herself against the background of alcohol intoxication),
Jack London (poisoned himself with morphine).
Taken from the biography

Therefore, I create with and without “inspiration”. After all, in the end I love my job and the appetite comes with eating.

Hi @daio, first of all do not worry about your English, we all understand what you wrote. I'm glad you've come to this blog and this is your first extensive commentary and with a lot of meaningful information about your idols. I just hope you do not do everything they did because I would like to see you always here with us. LOL ...

But it is exactly that, the important thing is enjoy the most of our talent that we were given at birth.

Regards and you are always welcome!

Talent is not the main thing. Of course, there are born artists who, from childhood, have already painted well. But this is one person in a million. In fact, creativity is hard work. Most people simply have little talent, they also need certain qualities: desire, motivation and practice. Perhaps it's not talent. People present talent as an easy way - drawing means, for example, a person is given easily. He paints beautifully - it means he is necessarily talented. No, no and NO! Therefore, when something like to do or it turns out great - it is not necessarily a talent, a genetic predisposition or something given by fate. This is the work of man himself and his desire.

there is a quote about talent , the only things that can fight talent is hardwor

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En algunos casos el entorno puede afectar el desenvolvimiento de una persona, sumando o restando talento del individuo. Ahora bien para el entorno esto puede ser una situación subjetiva, en este sentido y de manera de plantear un formula practica, como la persona puede dejar de valorar lo subjetivo del entorno para enfocarse en lo objetivo de su personalidad, como desarrollar su talento natural y encaminarse al desarrollo personal sin morir en el intento? Estaré atento a sus apreciados y valorados comentarios

i remember a quote about lazy. 😂😂 there is no ugly people , there is only lazy people 😂😂😂

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A very important and useful post it is because in today's world everyone wants to follow others in the way which give success to those other people which actually might not be the way of success for those who are following. It means a great sense that we are here on the universe for something to be meant meaningful so we should use our brain machine and live our life according to our talents that we have.
A very positive post,it's a 10/10 from my side.

Exactly friend!

Thank you for your kind response! We should believe in ourselves that's what I wanted to say.

In life, people will always have something to say about you; in fact if they have nothing to say, then you probably don't exist. But what you make of the comment, side talks and criticism matters. It's just like the story of a cow who fell into a ditch and couldn't climb out neither could it be drawn out by its owner. So the owner and neighbours resolved to bury the cow by pouring sand into the ditch. But what did the cow do... He simply shook off the sand and stepped on it. Though it took a long time, the level of the sand was such that the cow could successfully climb out of the ditch!
The question is what do we do with the things people say about us.. Do we shake them off and step on them to get higher and better or we resolve to be buried along with our God-given talent and destiny?... What we do matters a whole lot.

Very inspiring and thought provoking post sir. Keep it up.

Great story. Great lesson. What does not kill us should make us stronger.

Hi friend, to be direct and clear, in my experience we just have to take advantage of what we have the best and worry about who cares about us. Tell me: Why make a lot of effort just to show your neighbor that he does not like you? Regards

This is profound and simple thinking, at the same time. I don't how you managed to combine philosophy with simplicity, but you did it in an excellent way!
I believe that our inner creativity is the best route to follow, in order to benefit ourselves and others.

I believe that our inner creativity is the best route to follow

I totally agree. :)

Thank you for your words! Regards

God has given each of us different talents or gifts ... this is what makes the world ... be world ... I have always said it ... if we were all equal, we thought the same and had the same talents, we were not a world, there would be no variety, there would be no discoveries, because everyone would do the same ... We must exploit our talent, our gift, which is very different from the person next to you, never compare yourself with others because maybe there is something that is difficult for you and for others it is easy ... but in that way there are things that are easy for you and difficult for others ...

Good see you and always contribute with your great comments! Regards

Don't make your self a photocopy of another's personality. Frustration and envy come from comparing ourselves with other people.
This is related to the multiple intelligence philosophy of education. We need to help people to discover their talent and purpose in life, not just push down to their throat our own ambition for them.

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Exactly Friend!

Also interesting to see how life changes once you find that purpose as I did when my child was born. All perspectives of life changed immediately to shift to things that were less material and more emotional. It demonstrated the humanness in me and impacted the way I approached daily decision both personally and professionally.

Great words @newageinv. Regards

We should definitely respect the fact that all are unique i their own way, and everyone's got talent its just a matter of recognizing it.
That was indeed an insightful post. just keep flourishing.

Thank you @praditya! Regards

well said buddy . Its true that all
people is unique , but some choose to become unique and some not .

for my opinion , its not that they wrong on making choices but it all because the environment. Their child environment, their parenting , church or their religion teaching. Because of these environment they choose what is dear to them.

There not a lot of people who dare to become different from community. Some
afraid to be alone because they choices but some have courage to take it and prove they are right.

To become success in life , we can do it alone . We need parent , friend , teacher and our environment to support us. It was another factor to become successful. In this comment , i hope all people out they start supporting their child and friend to become successful in their life

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Dear @chartist sir!
We all have an innate talent hidden inside us. For the better use of these talents, the first question arises in our minds whether we listen to the heart or listen to the heart. This is what conflicts us in our mind. It is better that we start our work on the project on which our hold is strong, which is the subject matter which we are most interested in. We need to refine the hidden talent inside us. If our talents and our interests match each other, we will undoubtedly move on the right path.

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Yes! @chbartist Is A Genuis In Steemit And In Other Life Biz.

Albert Eisten Was A Genuis In Science And In Philosophy.

Nelson MANDELA, The Madiba Was A Genuis In Anti Authority Struggle And In National Administration!

But Can @alaisguineasis Be Another Genuis In

Yes!! Genuine Is Congenital ; But It Needs Conscious , Painstaking Development.

Great post. I have observed people pick job they done have interest in, sturdy a course in University they are not passion about, engage in business venture they practically dont have any idea ; they easily just copy or imitate others just because they see others doing it . Now the breaking point is not seeing successful result because they are not cut out for such things,they dont even know their niche. I was taught that one of the greatest way you can get succuss ; is practically doing something that gives meaning to you,what you are passionate about ,what you have flair for. Doing this,the sky is your beginning not your limit. Best regard @chbartist.

Exactly friend! Just enjoy your talent and fly!

sometimes people believe on acceptation themselves to community is very important than pursue their passion . For example taking engineer because engineer is popular job but what they really love is art. it was very sad nowaday people choose popular than passion

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Absolutely correct.......

You always know what to say to bring a heart up. Thank you again, @chbartist. You will probably get this one by the time I replied to your other post, I hope that is not annoying. :)

To everyone else : Hello! It's so awesome to see you all coming here and sharing your amazing positivity. If I had enough hours in a day I would try to get to know each and every one of you, those who appreciate kindness and share kindness are the gold of the world! I hope as you are scrolling through this and reading up to show your support to our shared friend, you feel motivated and uplifted!

Thank you for your comment and your kind words!

Force of the will is a such a force, nothing can be compared with it, anything can be achieved by this, your quotations are unique. A BIG HUG.

Thank you @rafique1953. A big hug too....

Hi @chbarist ....thanks for this ... We people have to wake up from the dark thinking that we can't do that or this ... We have the greatest ability to do anything ...just need to set our mind ...mind power is the key of our success

A useful post for motivating someone to find his purpose and destiny, for which he has been in this world. The Unique talent you have is to found by you so work on it find your passion.
Dayyan Khan

Well said that everyone is unique and have talent. It's need to find out that talent and work in that direction which will take the person to next level. We shouldn't underestimate anyone instead we should encourage the person to find their talent and polish it for better exposures.

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Exactly friend! Regards!

There are two forces at work in the real world, the reinforcing and the balancing force, In steem ecosystem, you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you are here to reinforce positive mindset.
For that i wish to show my sincere gratitude and respect for you.
A lot needs to be done here, and the beauty of life lies in variety, so we can not all be the same,.
I am calling on my fellow comrade on this platform, just like every one can not be an archer in epic war stories, we all have our different skills and speciality we can bring on board to leave our mark in the sand of steem.
Let us encourage one another right here on this blog and in our various blogs ,because " giving comes from a position of strength".

One of the biggest and most prominent people in the world.

I love you Albert Einstein

Greetings sir, @chbartist

Good job! @chbartist
The best way to follow our inner creativity, to help ourselves and others. This is the case for everyone!

Sir einstein was really a legend and he inspire peoples...

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Hi @chbartist yes you said right everyone has his own talent we have to find them.
Very nice stuff

In the context of the first sentence, define purposeful.
Do you have a reference to the scientific proof?
The article is good positivity, but I’m looking for the facts, not the things people like to hear.

“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV.” - Morty Smith in Rick and Morty

Excuse me, but I'm not a scientist and this is not my purpose here. I just share my life experience as many of this blog already know and I hope that everything I share can serve as learning for someone. I'm always giving my best. Thank you for commenting.

Excellent post, @chbartist ! I so agree with every word.

@calumam You would really enjoy this post

Sorry, my comment got posted twice.

You posted 2 times the same comment! I answer and voted on first! Regards

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Very useful tips thank you. I will try this on myself

I believe people lose their self-confidence when they feel they have failed to fit in with society and the norm, and when they compare themselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others in the form of competition is a great way of improving ourself, but it doesn't always result in a positive change or improvement. It is important we understand and reflect on our experiences, and be conscious of who we are as a person. Singing gives my life meaning and is something I'm good at. I have known from a young age that I wanted to be a singer. I want that to be my life purpose, but I'm still not sure if it is actually my life purpose. I feel that it is a waste to not use my singing voice so I try to sing everyday, just for fun. I will never give up hope.

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Hello, chbartist . Einstein is the symbol of the wisdom of humanity. But it was not always like that, and to look like a loser, he became a genius. We have a lot to depend on. And if we can discover our talents and take advantage of them, we can also become geniuses.

Nothing in this universe is free, behind all things and people there is a reason, and everyone has to find theirs. Although this is not very easy to do, it is a long journey to travel, an adventure to undertake, but it is worth doing, especially if we do not want to wander through life.

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