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When it comes to emotional states I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase “Perception is truth”. It basically means that for all purposes, if we think that something is not right, if we are unhappy, what other people think of our situation is almost irrelevant. Many friends or even family members try to cheer us up, try to make us try again, but we are stuck in the mud for some reason.

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The idea is a little hard to explain but at the same time very common. Our inability to feel hope, to feel a sense of purpose in our day to day, takes away from us the main reason for even trying. I will tell you, that sounds depressing just putting it into words, but is nonetheless very much the truth for many of us, at least at different stages in our lives.

It's because we have these tendencies, because it’s really easy for us to fall into cynical thoughts, that is important that we learn to fight back. When I say fight back, I’m talking of course of the conflict that is happening inside our minds and not a discussion with anyone we could possibly be blaming for our current situation.

If I attempt to go back to the idea of perception is truth, the message I’m trying to convey becomes a lot more clear. If you are convinced that there is nothing that you can say or do to change your emotional state, to be happy, then in fact you are correct, and there lies the problem, the whole problem.

This is precisely why I try to convey positive messages every chance I get, because the world seems to be full of the opposite. We turn on the TV, there it is some tragedy, we are driving somewhere, turn on the radio, yet another tragedy, we even call a friend and sometimes what they have to tell you is tragic too. We seem to be so attracted to negativity is not a surprise we struggle to balance ourselves emotionally.

The question I ask myself every morning is this: Who do I want to be? Do I want to be someone who is positive today, who thinks there are good reasons to live? Or, Do I want to give into the negativity of the world, because I know that message is around every single corner?

And that my friends, that is the good news. We get to make that choice, we get to select between being a happier person filled with good intentions or a bitter person who is just floating through life because he just happened to be born.

That is why I write like this, that Is why I speak like this, because I refuse to add one more drop of poison to the water. There are plenty of those out there already.

Stay positive my friends

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best post ever

seriously @chbartist, i keep on telling my student how to be less emotional and positive in life, how to simplify their life with positive thinking and attitude towards other people and the environment.

i think we should all help student and even the older individuals to be positive.

I think if the whales start upvoting massively the answers of the minnow of here will be a lot of positive thinking in steemit.


Self-confidence is a positive understanding of the self and a positive attitude towards life!

I would have to agree with you @zerokun

according to your comment, it is absolutely true that we must help people who need to raise their self-esteem, we can create a lot of good with those helps

always stay positive in what you do.

Totally agree✨👌💞🙌 @samthrive

It is a good thing to be positive with others, even if it is a little bit difficult, you get it twice, it's a chain reaction! Try it! Life will be much more beautiful!

Today I just faced some failure in life, I found out I am able to heal myself by eating!!!

It's good that you are able to face failure, so I'm sorry to be blunt: that is a coping mechanism that can lead to serious health issues. Eating "comfort food" or even the excessive consumption of healthful food can have bad consequences. I hope you will learn better ways to handle failures, such as meditation (I wrote an article a few days ago:, and remember that success is achieved by not giving up. :)

It is incredible how much power a word or positive thinking can exert in our lives, the world needs more to become a better place to live.

Hello, @chbartist, every day we have a check to change, and it's life, so we decided to put it in our pocket, or we go to the bank to make money, that's where I concentrate every day, we all have problems, if I tell you mine will not stop crying, but everything has a solution, the only thing is death, then we have to see the positive side, we have health, we have family, we have home, employment, food at our table, there is that value, bless everything that we have to attract more of that well-being to our days.
That is why we see that the sun and the moon give us light and darkness, then in clarity we do all our activities, and in the darkness we rest, we must learn to live and direct things.
Have a beautiful Sunday of happiness, abundance and ease

Hey @chbartist how's it going? Another great post with a great message. I only take issue with one part. You said, " If you are convinced that there is nothing that you can say or do to change your emotional state, to be happy, then in fact you are correct...". If this was just a misprint than I take no issue with it whatsoever. But, if it was intentional I disagree wholeheartedly. We are the only ones who can change how we feel. Through steps like identification, acknowledgement, and commitment to change (among others), we are all that stands in the way of our happiness and a more positive life. While the road to those may be difficult, they are roads we must travel nonetheless if we want more from our lives. It is unfair for us to expect the world, its people, or its situations to change to better suit our lives. We must be the ones who say, we will not stand for this, we will not accept this, or we want and deserve better, in order to change our lives for the better. Human beings have a profound capability to change the world around us, primarily our own lives, but because, as you said, we are constantly being bombarded with negativity whether it's through fear mongering in the media or depressing ass people in our lives, it may at times seem impossible. Posts like yours and mine and many others on here show that it is not impossible, quite the opposite actually. We all just have to be willing to put in the work and realize that we do deserve happy lives and that it's ok to ask others for help when we need it. I applaud your continuing efforts to spread positivity and help add value to this human experience. Well done. Take care and be well.

Thinking positive is a way of life. There are many problems in everyone's life. Infact we can say everyone has his own kind of problems and if we start thinking negative then our moral will go down and motivation level will go down as well. So one has to think positive all the time and no matter what situation it is. Positivity gives us strength to stay calm and have patience to look for the solution rather worrying for the problem. This post is completely related to everyone's life and this thought must be applied in life. Good blog dear @chbartist

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Being in negative is nothing good will bring to you. Be in negative and depression you will miss the bigger picture of life .
Most of the time we became depression for not getting one thing(love, promotion etc), and we misses the bigger horizon.
The situation you are telling it is common for every one of us.
As the river is destined to meet the ocean, so every one of us has our own destiny.

You said pretty right. Negativity is never going to help in anyways.

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It is a shame that negativity is so prevalent in the world today. If only humanity's strengths were reported instead of its faults, it would hopefully not be that way. But alas, we are being manipulated by the evilest of men. They know fear and apathy make humans far easier to control. So they ensure they sow such seeds every waking moment of the day. I know it can easily overwhelm one's mind. But together we must unite and fight those forces in order to advance our species to new heights.
I admire your courage and hope you stay strong on your path. Keep striving toward enlightenment and it will come. Thank you for writing. Here's to the best of days going forth!

Thank for your words @tepbiankord

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positive thinking and make life better. the person who is capable of conquering his emotions when angry is actually the winner of life

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