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So I know it has been a long time since I have done a post. This post is just to explain why and give a little bit of an update as to what I have been up to. First off I went and got a fringe! 


A big part of why I haven't been posting was due to college. With assignments, exams and our 3rd year project and a thesis to write, I did not have a lot of time to do much at all. We had quite a lot of assignments and it became too much. On top of all these assignments we had to spend the year in groups of two doing a project. The idea was to have a fully functioning app, or website or some sort of program. In the last month to two months we had to write a full thesis to accompany this. All the while studying for exams. Couple this with home life and I did not have time to be writing any posts. 

Home Life

I live with my grandmother. This can present quite a few challenges, most of the time it is perfectly fine living with my grandmother. But other times can be very straining on me. She doesn't realize how difficult she can be, and sometimes just says the most unnecessary things. Most of the time I can ignore it, but sometimes it isn't as easy to ignore. But if we have an argument we usually make up pretty quickly. Neither of us wants to live in a hostile environment. 

On top of this my dad has been having trouble with having to move constantly due to the landlords wanting to sell the house etc. He was in hospital for stress related attack. My mother ended up in hospital due to a blood clot. To be honest for the length of time she had it, she should have been dead. But she was given the all clear, some blood thinners and sent on her way. She has been doing well with the exception of being tired. Which leads me into the next thing. 

My grandfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor a number of months back. He got chemotherapy but unfortunately it did not help. He has been in end-of-life care ever since. He was gotten to the point where he can no longer move. Doesn't speak much(Still cracks jokes though) and still can eat rings around me. My grandmother is deaf. They live a fair distance away from my mother and as a result my mother spent a lot of time running around trying to do everything because my grandmother couldn't. I had to take over driving for her one day because she got so tired and dizzy. Thankfully this has slowed down a bit and she isn't under as much pressure. 

Back in April my cousin died. He was only 23. 

With all this going on and my own personal issues I have been feeling pretty down and haven't really had the motivation to do much writing. I am hoping to change that. I have a few ideas for posts I want to write. 

Car Troubles

So around march my car started giving a lot of trouble. Driving home from college one day and it was barely moving. I managed to pull into a petrol station. After a bit of investigation, where i found that all cylinders were misfiring,  I could not figure out the problem so I got a tow truck to pick me up and bring me home. The next day I started a more detailed search. Upon pulling out the spark plugs I found that the spark plug from the first cylinder had it's electrodes completely burned off. No idea how this happened. the other cylinders the spark plugs were in bad condition as well but not as bad. So a new set of spark plugs and a bit more tinkering and I got the car to spring to life. 

All was going well for a while until one Sunday night I was driving home and the car did not have as much power as it should. So the next day I went looking again. I noticed that there was some smoke in the engine bay and discovered that the exhaust manifold had a crack. I proceeded to try and remove the manifold to maybe try and weld it or replace it. Got most of the bolts off but a few were seized on and i could not remove it. Got very annoyed and searched the buy and sell sites. Came across another car, the same as mine but a year newer. It was going for cheap. Well I got on to the seller and found out it was driving well and he didn't think it needed much. I bought it. Sure enough it drove home and felt much nicer than the old one ever had. 

So after I put it though the test to see what needed replacing. I will be doing another post on the work that needed doing as I did the work myself. 


This was my old car. It now sits outside gathering dust used for spare parts.

This is the new car. In the photo it had just got a thorough wash and a polish.

So with that I shall sign off and hopefully you will be reading another one of my posts soon. Thank you to everyone who reads my post and I am sorry I have not been around lately to post anything. 

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I wished all problems can be solved like car problems, but I am sure you will solve them just like the car 👍


I wish that too! But i just gotta treat them the same as stuff on the car. One at a time!