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in life •  3 months ago

Let’s face it, this platform is incredibly frustrating. Frustrating because we feel our insightful content is simply pushed to the bottom of the pile, faded into the abyss, whilst a lot of crap can find it’s way too the top. Frustrating because it is so plainly obvious to see the value that this platform has, but it is near impossible to dip our buckets in. Frustrating because you can find yourself so motivated to make an impact here, only to see yourself give up days or weeks later.

Something about Steemit always brings me back. It’s like an ex-girlfriend that you know is terrible for you, but you always find yourself crawling back to. It can bring you up and then crash you down with the snap of a finger. But here I am again. I find myself going in a constant cycle on this platform. I become motivated as I am now, to produce intuitive, creative and natural content, and to hopefully see the rewards of my hard work. However, inevitably the rewards do not come and I find myself simply delegating my Steem Power to a bot or someone on Minnowbooster, to earn miniscule returns on a regular basis. After a while however, I will convince myself that I have more to give, that I as a person have the ability to contribute more to this platform through curation, and that the value I add will be rewarded by more than a bot can give me. But then I am wrong again. A depressing thought really, that delegation provides more return that actually contributing something.

Nevertheless, I am back out of retirement and ready to give it a proper crack. I do worry about my patience, and also am a lot of the time unsure about what to write, and what people are interested in reading. Maybe I am better off writing less frequently but with more intent and greater content? What are others opinions on this? What have your experiences on Steemit taught you? Where have you found peace with this platform?

Until next rant. Adios

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