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in life •  7 months ago

I don’t really enjoy University. I don’t really like studying. University simply doesn’t agree with my personality. I study Finance and Accounting, which don’t get me wrong is what I want to do with my life and is most likely my passion, but wouldn’t it be great if I could skip the University part and go straight to the job. Cause my word do I hate studying it. But no, you can’t, you need a degree to make it in that world apparently. Anyway.

I was sitting down attempting to do some study for my accounting exam on Thursday when I found myself getting constantly distracted by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc etc. It got to a stage where I googled a free app to download that would allow me to block myself from certain websites for a set time of my choosing. So there I was blacklisting myself from the websites I mentioned above. The timer goes on for 2 hours. I sit back in admiration of myself for displaying such amazing self-discipline. Oh SH**. What now.

Steemit. I haven’t been on Steemit for months I thought to myself. I scrolled through the various feeds, gave a few upvotes, wrote a few comments, and then found myself typing this.

I think I’m often a sinister person, I find myself more often than not flicking through my social media apps, and questioning people’s motives for being over active on their stories or statuses. Do people really care? Are they self-obsessed, or maybe it’s the opposite, maybe they are just insecure. Constantly worried about their social image, how people perceive them. It’s something that has just puzzled me for years.

But then, as I take a step back from my sinister personality I look at myself and think god am I any better. I just had to download an app to block myself from using all my social media platforms because I am so obsessed haha. Pretty desperate on my behalf. It’s just tragically ironic really. And to add to the irony of it all, here I am on another social media platform, writing about my internal concerns of social media platforms. It just never ends really. Would we all just be better off if it just disappeared.

Who knows, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am probably addicted. Anyway, I should probably get back to pretending to study.

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lol, this had me cracking up. But you are so right though; we spend waaay too much time on social media when we could be doing more productive things. I refer mostly to FB, Instagram Twitter as there isnt much to be gained from those sites really, if you really think about it. Steemit is the boss, lol.

I too had to set a limit for myself and set it as a reminder that lets me know that my "Fb usage had expired for today", lol. Found myself spending way too much time on there. Lately though the reminder has just become an annoyance that gets ignored, lol. Not good at all.