3 Mistakes That Butcher First Impressions

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3 Mistakes That Butcher First Impressions

You might be butchering your first impressions without even realizing it. Not cause you’re a self-absorbed jerk, but because a lot of the most well-intentioned advice you’ve received is incomplete. And if you don’t understand the fine points of when that advice applies and when it doesn’t you might miss out on hitting it off with your next close friend, business partner, or even boyfriend or girlfriend.

So I want to shed some light on 3 common first impressions mistakes I see that all stem from good advice gone wrong.

  1. Thinking that harmony “getting along” and not causing waves is the most important thing
  2. Avoiding disagreements and focusing only on commonalities
  3. Thinking "fake it til you make it" applies beyond non-verbal communication

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I'm very bad at first first impressions. Thanks for this


I quite agree with you man, but would like if you can explain how to use ‘disagreements’ to your own advantage when about making impression as you know disagreements will always come up. Thank You

lol... I don't do any of those :s... oh well, too old to change and my list of friends is full lol

Anything aside from living honestly in the moment is next to useless.

I awlays belive on the first impression provided especially the first day im gonna date a gorgeous ladie, this picture will stay on her mind to the end of times

I am starting to love you @charismaon! Your videos are awesome. Being straightforward really works maybe not to everyone but if you know how to use it properly without being rude it will give you a great impression. :) ♥

To make a good first impression, I suggest researching a little about the person you are going to meet. You could look them up on Twitter, LinkedIn or Steemit.

If the meeting is more informal or personal, the best way to make a first impression is to demonstrate a strong interest in the other person rather than talking... and remember their name.

Dale Carnegie said:

“Using a person’s name is crucial, especially when meeting those we don’t see very often. Respect and acceptance stem from simple acts such as remembering a person’s name and using it whenever appropriate.”

hahahahahahahahaha @charismaon you are totally on point a lot of folks out there fall out on these old dogmas in killing first impressions......all trying to act nice and too cautious so you dont make a mistake or fall out of line.......and at the end of it all guess what happens......it all goes south down the drain.................i always tell people be natural be yourself dont fake any impressions in trying to get someone's else's attention my principle is and always will be that if its meant to be just be yourself and every other thing will fall in line or into place just that simple

They say that the first impression is the one that counts and I think it is true that the initial impression we have of a person is what inclines us to one or the other relationship with her.

first replying then watching.

Thanks for this i am very bad at first impression...

lol I need to work on my impressions.

(Avoiding disagreements and focusing only on commonalities) it is a realy important thing :) thanks man

I’ll be honest. I thought this would be absolute rubbish, however it turned out to be very good and I watched it right to the end. Nice job.

Subc back guy

This is a very wonderful video.
I am soo glad that I am here on Steemit already. This made me think that Steem will worth a lot in the near future.

Great vid! P.s Welcome to Steemit :) Best wishes on your journey. - @splendorhub

Thinking "fake it til you make it" applies beyond non-verbal communication... I am very guilty and would change and work on myself. Thanks for the advice

I'm not sure what I am anymore.. I feel I've lost it with love.. my first impression is Always out of the ordinary so it takes someone that's crazy like me to get me.. I'm tired

or in a few words: be yourself, and be authentic, but in a positive and respectful way :)

When I went travelling I found that the last thing I was seeking was commonalities - being sincerely open and accepting to difference is a powerful tool. Commonalities offer us less in terms of new things to learn and discover. Some of the most fun people I've hung out with were people who I disagreed with on so many levels.

They are the real world anti-heroes. Often despicable, sometimes lovable yet always intriguing.