How To Stop Caring What People Think

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Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:

Have you ever lied about an odd hobby you have? Or maybe your job status? Or your height? Or even just avoided putting yourself in a situation in which you knew you were likely to fail?

Why did you do that?

Short answer: because you were embarrassed.

Embarrassment comes from trying to control how other people perceive you. So instead of just showing the world your nerdy hobby, say you collect Beanie Babies, you go “I don’t want people to think I’m a dweeb.” and you pretend you don’t have one. The same process plays out with hobbies as it does with mistakes we’ve made, areas in which we are weak, and areas where we might get publicly rejected. We hide what we don’t want people to know about us.

We conform to what other people would like us to be.

But that doesn’t have to be the answer:

Because there is another, more empowering mindset:

Instead of focusing on other’s perceptions and feeling embarrassed about what they may think…

Focus on whether or not you live up to YOUR OWN values.

That's what this video is about and that's how you'll learn to stop caring what people think about you.

Animations by RSDF Studios, Jakarta (
Art: Bonni Rambatan, Dwinanda Edo
Editing: Bonni Rambatan

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Thumbs up from me! I watch you all the time on Youtube and I'm so excited to see you here! Keep up the good work

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Loving your channel, some friends and I were out last night having a deeper conversation and I made the statement. I am who I am if people don't like it then that's that. He strongly disagreed and said that I'm placing a "static" state on myself and basically saying this is it I give up and this is as good as I will get. This is a much better explanation of what I meant, I'm not giving up on improving myself and being a better person - I just know who I am now and am not willing to compromise that to impress someone or make them happy.

This is very true. Thank you