Tales of in-compassionate women

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Scenarios from New Delhi (India) Metro train
......few days back when I suffered from a ligament fracture and had an arm swing attached to my hand

  1. I asked a girl to stand up from...physically challenged reserved seat. She looks at me shuts her eyes and when a guy next to her requested her again to leave seat for me to which she replies "Is this how you talk to a woman ,no I wont give up my seat for you jerks"
    2.I leave my seat for a girl who seemed distressed and had a lot of luggage.She took it without thinking twice ,but when at next station an old guy in his 80's walks in front of her she takes a glance at him and she closes her eyes and puts her head down.I asked her to vacant the seat for the old guy,she wouldn't and replied raising her eyebrows" its not reserved for elderly people" ,it was the same seat I gave her.. it wasn't reserved for ladies either....

  2. I had to get out at next station....she was sitting on the floor between the two coaches .....(its not allowed and is a punishable offence to sit on the floor in Delhi metro)....I stepped on her toes( of course could not see her due to crowd)....and apologized..and she replies " what the [email protected]$k amputee ,you blind too ? cant see a lady sitting !!"

Three of them made me realize
we all want and support women empowerment but if u r a stupid ignorant imbecile man or woman....u deserve nothing...neither respect nor a reservation !!.....you need to be a human first !!

All the photos are used under 'creative commons licence'

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