Every thing is "Made in China" but nail clippers/cutters are from S.Korea, Why though ??

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Pick up any product from electronics to daily house hold needs, chances are if you turn it back you will see "Made in China", but nail cutter/clipper have always been an exception "Made in Korea" especially in Indian sub-continent
It has amused many people why china could not develop a market for selling nail cutters ??
Answer you are looking for is POSCO
Lets find out what is POSCO by going back to 1945 when Japan was dismantled after world war 2 and with that partition of Korea left S.Korea in an economic turmoil .South Korea's rich underground metal reservoir and President Park Chung-hee's vision in 1968 to develop his nation into a self sustained economy led to the foundation of POSCO ( Pohang Iron and Steel Company) developed under the financial supports from Japan and U.S.A . Foreign nations and even many people from S.Korea had doubts about the success .
A strong backing to Chaebol family and subsidized interest rates on loans( Samsung is a part of this family's conglomerate) boosted the manufacturing sector and ultimately the quality of machinery reached apex in 21st century even China imports its machinery from S.Korea .With hard working people of the nation soon by 2010 POSCO was the worlds biggest steel producing company by market value....et voila so much stainless steel !!!
All above factors resulted in mass production of nail clippers/cutters and add tourism to that you get a market to absorb all those goods .

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Interesting post. Thanks for sharing this information.


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