A hope for tomorrow (life exists after two time brain operation)

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Hello steemians,
After many days here I am with a new inspirational post not about some facts but on a real story about a man who is enjoying his life as well as working for others after two time massive brain operations.

He is Dilip Dharma from Assam, popularly known as "Dilip Kaka" , one of the prestigious faces in our village. He is known for his social works, he advices children, a tutor, a businessman, a farmer and runs many "Aatmasohayok gots" (self help service). He belongs to a middle class family and was unfortunate since childhood, when he was only 13 years old he lost his toe in an accident. He did have a sharp brain with his amazing skills in mathematics, he used to solve difficult problems without pen and paper with his imagination skills. I knew him when I was 6 years old, now I am 22. He taught me mathematics upto class 9.

In 1992, He got brain stroke in ceriblam and was admitted to GMCH ,Gauhati. God was kind enough to save him. With some major operations in brain he was saved with a dose of medicine for ten years. He continued taking medicine for ten years and started again a new life. He continued to improve his mathematics skills and prepared himself as a mathematics tutor. I was fortunate enough to be one of his students. In 2002, when his medicine dose finished, he got brain stroke again, this time only the almighty could save him. Imagine what would have happened to a man who got two times brain hamarage on ceriblam. Again after the operation he was given a dose of medicine for five years. He continued his passion after that too. I was at class 3 , My father chose him as my tuition teacher. He put his every effort to make my brain sharp in science. He taught me all the stuffs which is necessary for a good life. He was like my friend, available whenever I did ask something related anything.

Still he teaches everyone, now he is a farmer, businessman, social worker,a nepali poet, runs self help gotts.

I am happy to write this post as his student!!!

Thank you!!!


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