When love showed up

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I once fell in Love...Well Today makes it 3years since he walked out of my life and never returned, I remember the last night I saw him, I had promise to meet him at my friend's shop close to my mother's own, funny enough that was the only place I could be seen other from church, my house & school, yes surprising I was an indoor religious girl, all I knew was my books, church and family..
Although I liked him I was too scared to admit it, so I spiced it up in the guise of resentment, surprising he liked me too and there were days we would walk pass ourselves, our gazes fastly fixed on each other and yet again I'll turn away but one thing I didn't know was that each time I walked away from professing my love, it reduced my chances of ever being with him.. Well I told my friends about it and I told God about it too, I so much searched for answers as to why I couldn't catch my breadth and my heart would skip fast each time I bumped into him.
... why each time I set my eyes on him my walking steps had a awful major disorder, and nervousness was the next ship I'd be sailing through.. We had similar experiences together for (1year + 7months) Yes for close to two years I was attached to this person within and the only Progress I had made was to Say " Hi" and smile sheepishly as our parts constantly crossed, matters were worsened when his family finally moved into my street. Finally I could admit to myself that I was in love and of no doubt he loved me too.
So one day I asked my mum,"WHY DO PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE?? And She said to me " Its Because Love Is An Essential Part of Who God is ". Then I said to her" Why Don't we Just Love only God instead, and then my mum said to me well " Esther You can only love God when you love your fellow human, because U can't see God, so if you can't love Ur fellow being whom U can see how much more Love God? ... And then I understood it all.....

In continuation...

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