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RE: Demand Mental Health Equality Now

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Reminds me of an African tribe that will come together in support of a community member who experiences mental health issues, and ask the individual to share with them what they experience so that they can decide together how best to support the individual in challenging moments. I agree that we can each create change by living as examples of the best potential of humanity in our own lives. Thank you for your post.


Thanks for reading it :-) That sounds like a great way of dealing with mental health issues, I wish our society was wise enough to deal with them in that way, maybe one day we will be? I guess that is all we can do till then is try to be as much of that as possible, and hopefully it will return back to ourselves if and when it is needed. Do you think the original problem is created by society itself?

Well, it depends how you look at it. One way to see it is that people = society and society = people. So at the end of the day, we are always the creators of ourselves, and the world system around us. Change is up to us, always and in all ways

Thats an interesting concept, do you think if we alter perceptions as individuals that this one act is powerful enough to alter the world via the snowball effect that it creates?

Thanks for reading and posting :-)
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I think it's certainly part of what we need to do to create change on a large scale. We need to realise that in everything we do and in everything we speak, that is what we are shaping in the world. In all of our intentions and all of our secret agendas - that is what we are manifesting. If we act in greed on small personal levels, that is what we create and allow in the world. If we act in spitefulness or anger, that is what we are putting into the world and reinforcing all around us. Becoming aware of that enables us to start choosing with awareness what we want to create, so that we can start creating a world that actually honours life.

Yes I agree with all of that, I cannot help but feel inside of myself that every single thought and feeling creates something, whether it be a positive or negative, I have noticed that in the past with anger or negativity, the more I feel that the more I see it everywhere around me, perhaps our reality is a projection of our inner consciousness? Which is when our conscious mind changes, so does our reality....

I would be interested to see what you think of my 2 latest posts about mental health, would be good to get your feedback :-)

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