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Do you believe in coincidences? I don't. I believe in synchronity of the universe. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like things or even thoughts attract each other.

Scientists explain this "ridiculous" coincidencies just by maths. They say, that in our lifes there are so many different variables, events and situations interfering with each other, that it's just normal in terms of statistic odds, that "unbeliavable" events will just occur eventually.

chino both.jpg

Here's my story:

I bought a pair of navy blue chino's trousers. I was doing some small renovation of my flat, so the table was standing just in the middle of the antechamber. I was trying to squeeze between the table and a wall, and i just touched the table's corner with my bum, and ripped the trousers. I was upset, becasue I really liked them, but that's not important here.


After some time I found almost exact same model and bought it, to replace the old one.
One day, when I was putting my shoes on, in the exact same antechamber room, I just crouched to tie my shoelaces, and guess what happened. The trousers just ripped in the exact same place and direction. Just to clarify, I'm a skinny person, so it was first time in my life, when I ripped anything on me just becasue of the tention.


Additional info: Both pairs were from different producers, so "hidden producer's fault" wasn't a thing here.
My right bum also don't have any sharp edges :)

I'm not saying it was some magic, but I can't deny it was actually VERY strange.

What were your strange coincidences in your lifes? Or maybe you didn't have any?
Do you think, that things, that happen in your life, like reading this post occur just totally random? Or maybe there is some predestined pattern of situations, that will just happen, like it was all planned by a creator?

Please tell me in the comments below, I'm curious! I have a lot more of this kind of stories.

Is there any "magic" around us, that we just don't see?
Who knows, since we don't even know why do we even exist, rather than not, like famous philosopher, Leibniz asked, and noone have answered this question yet.

By the way, the "follow" button on my profile was finally fixed, and now works totally fine, so you can use it and follow me without any trioubles! ;)



Just after posting this, my friend sent me this link, now THAT'S a coincidence, even the colour is the same :D

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