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I wish I had known the answer or if I knew. How do you want to solve the difference between the selectivity unit and the reality in the concept? Because a person who recognizes himself as a person has a generally accepted belief. I'm always after my life and I'm trying to catch a mystery and I've been wrong many times.

I'm not stupid or skeptical. However, I must confess the two main concepts in which you will seek the shadow of good will and love. Because I can not deny myself about these two real-time communication, it can be called a life-called concept.

We can live a life without end, but unfortunately we've cut a certain time between us.

What about our lives? Always be happy, but always connect to the world with all the blessings of the future. What kind of work or destruction of our purpose is no longer experienced.

One of many people with countless uncertainties. How can one express all the facts about himself? While some protect their defense, others hide their emotions. No matter how transparent we are, unfortunately, even under the subconscious, there are countless realities we have hidden from ourselves, and we are not aware of it. Ola

What is happening in our hearts and a single O basis. He is the only one who follows our internal communication with awareness. This is how we deviate from our orbit. Love, passion, greed, ego-like love

The plans of the four walls show what you want.

On the other hand, a very comfortable way is decided immediately. To be qualified, to be questioned and put into specific patterns: exactly what should be needed or what should be shown.

It's easy to judge and work so fast, you don't even know this process.

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