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Eternal reason: we will live with surprises, we will stop and live and we will continue to delay our will.

Another fact that is unacceptable as death is an undeniable pain that we bury while living.

Some of us like our land. It's like some of us have lost our endless friend forever.

And if it's not him or who, who's suffering?

The point of view is very wide and unacceptable. The destruction of size and creature is infinite and impossible to describe.

Humanity is inevitable, regardless of death derivatives. Clearly speaking; The beginning of the end and an obscure black hole.

The end point of the relationship in which rest is indispensable.

Both are called despair. We are a bottomless abyss where mortals can never get out.

Despair is a fact that we all have countless times and our chances for survival are inevitable, but the size and content of each can be different.

Fire always approached where it fell. And it burns, so he burns the ash. Keep us from desperate diseases and deaths without waiting for us. These words evaporate only one word at a time. His life remained with the pain of his captivity, which he lived and left.

No one else can suffer. After all, no matter what happens in fate, the person knows that he lives.

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