Handling Success and What Comes With Being Successful

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No matter where we are, during some seasons of our lifetime, programs works, finances are healthy, and people are helped. Though we may not be able to equate this outward success with Gods ultimate standards, which by the way feels good.


No matter how it feels, success, though like wealth are resources of which we need to be good representative of whom we say we are. There are some success or achievements that comes our way which was never hoped for, but due to nature and circumstances it does, I call them;

Success in life feels great, but it does have downside. Here are some instances of this kind of success I am talking about.

Loneliness: We work hard to make leadership a team effort. But we know the more successes we are, the more people look out for us leadership. That, at times, can feel lonely

Fear of failure: Most leaders of successful organisations experience doubts: am I doing the right thing? And will it work tomorrow? Such fear, while healthy in most cases, isn’t paralyzing. But it creates pressure inside.

Insecurity: Even a superstar like christano Ronaldo holds the spot light together; a fresher, younger face soon capture the media attention. Up-and-down approval ration in the game can make a successful sportsman feel threatened; “what worked last year may not work this year. “

Successes, like all of God’s gift and hard work, are meant to be enjoyed in freedom. Still we should be wise to remember that success brings with it numerous temptations, pride, sloth, and ingratitude, to name a few.

Here are several strategies to maintain our integrity in success;

  1. Be generous with praising people:
    This can be hard when we are striving to work hard at being faithful to others. Saying thank you is a key to maintaining integrity.
  2. Patience: Patience they say is a virtue. This is because it pays off good at the long run. When things are going well, the natural tendency is to expect more of the same, and the sooner the better. When the next success doesn't happen as quick as we planned, patience will help pull through.
  3. Keep focused: In life, we don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about what we have achieved. Instead, we should concentrate on what's next: the next business line or for a board meeting. If we concentrate on doing the next thing well, we'll better our chances that things will continue to go well.
  4. Remember the past:Perhaps the quickest way to regain a sense of humility is to remember what God has given is any success we're enjoying. I am not saying dwell on the past, just little flash back of where you coming from help keep us in check.
  5. Pray Regularly: Martin Luther King once said that normally he spent more than one hour in prayer. But when he had an especially busy day ahead, he would spend two. The more successful we are, the more we need to be on our knees.

Corrie ten Boom was once asked how she handled all the accolades of people.

She said, "well, I take the flowers, and I thank the people, and I enjoy the flowers a little bit. Then each evening, I put them in a bunch and give them back to the Lord where they belong. "

That's how I ultimately want to handle my successes.

In conclusion, keeping a thankful mindset, will always keep you in check.

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Not everyone can handle success that's why alot of things are still going wrong. But contentment brings the greatest success and inner peace

Not everyone can handle success that's why alot of things are still going wrong. But contentment brings the greatest success and inner peace