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Back then, when I hear "if you want to lead, be of service", i wondered why a person would say a thing like that. Then, it was obvious i knew not the meaning and purpose of service.

How can a mere service-man be the leader?? The answer isn't far-fetched. The service-man is the one who run most errands. In delivering services, he becomes exposed to so much knowledge that he wouldn't have come across otherwise.

The Service-man may be compared to the life-wire of a business. Come to think of it, all kinds of jobs or position is a form of service. A person is employed for what he has to offer. He is employed based on the services he can render.

What service can you render succintly? Where can you possibly fit in if employed?. Something I learnt from being of service is that, it makes one a more equipped individual. Since after knowing what should be done, the service-man tackles problems head on without wasting so much time.
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Learn to be of service today. Run that errand for that person that has been asking you to. Help another with what he can not do if you can. In the long run, your resumé will be worth looking at.


Human Body is a type of machine... Keep serving and servicing and it will be polished more and more...

Very true bro. With service, you get polished.

Yea, smart words man

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