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The easiest way to be frustrated and Fed up with life is to be aimless.
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Travis gets up to pee in the middle of the night. On his way back from the toilet, he checks the square shaped clock hanging on the wall. Its about twenty minutes past four in the morning. He frowns as he climbs the bed. He wished time could reduce its pace. "Another day of idleness and boredom" he whispered to himself.

He found it difficult to sleep after returning from the toilet. Already, he is unsettled as he knows not what to do with himself when everyone leaves the house. Finally, he was able to sleep by 5:49 am.

He wakes up to loneliness. Everyone has left for their respective duties. His closest friend has gone for morning lectures. Not long after waking up, he's alerted by his phone reminding him that his battery is below 5%. The light situation is nothing to write home about. Very soon, he will have to stroll around with his charger to look for where to power his phone.

He takes his time to prepare his breakfast, "there's nothing else to do with time" he thought. While eating, he receives a call from his mom. They conversed for a while, at least he has someone who never fails to check up on him. Immediately after the call, his phone went off. The call he just received drained his battery. He sighs deeply.

Seeing that the house is in order, he quickly put on a shirt, and short. Hanging his charger around his neck, he left the house in search of where to power his phone. He walked the length and breadth of the street but couldn't locate a place to charge. He went back home frustrated.

Feeling tired and frustrated from his fruitless venture, he jumps on the bed. He takes some deep breathes trying to relax himself. He looks round the room as if that would somehow indicate what to do. It somewhat did. He picks a book from the bookshelf on the wall. Reading through to the 5th page, he loses interest. He has read that particular book more than three times.

"What kind of thing is this??" He speaks to the fan. He couldn't take this Any longer so he stood up and headed to the local pharmacist to get sleeping drugs. He takes the drugs there and quickly returned home to sleep for the rest of the day.
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That has been the everyday ocurence of Travis after leaving college. He's undecided yet about what to do after college.


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