Activities, good for the Soul.

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Imagine a life without activities, a life void of involvement. There's no stirring of the spirit. Getting involved in activities doesn't just stirr the spirit, it also has some health benefits. If you read my last post about health, you'll know by now that PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES and HEALTHY EATING are the main pathways to good health and hence a longer life span.

Of course, most people don't like getting involved in any activity that is strenuous and/or energy demanding. This leads to a passive lifestyle and a static mindset that leads to poor growth mentally and physically. I read in a particular book sometimes ago where I learnt that; for a man to be forever young, he has to keep learning and evolving. When a person learns something new, he employs it in his daily schedule, this remodifications and evolution keeps a man young at heart.
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It doesn't end in learning, one has to practice. This practice (activity) brings about mental and even spiritual growth. What makes an activity strenuous and energy demanding I believe is the particular mindset a person chose to attach to the activity. For instance, I'm a fan of work-outs. It's part of my morning rituals. Some mornings, waking up to the thought that I have to work-out drains my energy already even before I do the actual work. Why is this so? The answer lies in the mental realm. I overcome this sometimes by refocusing my thoughts to the reasons why I have to work-out.

During the work-out sessions, i realise that it isn't actually a difficult thing to do but because what initially comes to my head is STRESS, STRESS AND STRESS, i was already tired. I know for sure that I'm not the only person that experiences such situations. It occurs in all aspects of a person's life. Whatever the situation, refuse to be inactive. Get involved, do something. Some situations appear bigger than they actually are. Before getting involved, encourage yourself. There's nothing that cannot be achieved with the right mindset.
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Self encouragement all the time isn't so easy but it is worth building. That i know from personal experience. But little acts directed towards this aim builds character. It stirs the soul, it keeps you young and it also keeps you healthy. Get involved my friends. Happy Sunday.


It is very true, I run, and it is the best decision I have made for my physical, mental and emotional well-being, I do it because I like it and every time I want to overcome the challenges that this sport presents to me. Additionally I practice yoga, I recommend it to all ages, it gives you physical, mental and emotional balance, it relaxes you from the stress of daily life. A lot of success for you.

Thanks @genomil for your contribution.

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