Snippets of Wisdom # 3

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Writing - How to Out-Fox the Ego

We have probably all fallen at some stage, into the ego trap, when writing on Steemit.
I know I got caught up in it a while back, so I developed a list for myself and apply it diligently.

Here we go:

• Have no expectations - what will be, will be.
• No seeking or desiring upvotes - if you don't get them, you will be disappointed!
• No seeking or desiring likes - same as above
• No focus on money, approval, status, fame, fortune or anything else. Put your intention on the quality of your post.
• No finite number of words or posts - just keep writing until it feels you are done, then find another topic to write about.
• No addictive, ego checks - yes, it will be curious to see who upvoted, resteemed, replied, etc, but that should not be your motivation to write. Write for a place of passion, wisdom and your heart!
• Just pure writing, quality content that uplifts and stimulates people, that's all
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very nicely written, i've done this and fall into the why did they upvote theirs or pick them for such high rewards and not me ...
i like your list and i will use them.

ps. i think you mean to write "if you don't get them, you wont be disappointed" ... maybe?? LOL

check this out @sweetjoy


Many thanks EagleSpirit!
Actually, it is written correctly -
"No seeking or desiring upvotes - if you don't get them, you will be disappointed!" The don't get them refers to the upvotes and an expectation and desire that you will get them. Then when they don't show up, disappointment often follows.
So the quest is not to seek or desire the upvotes in the first place, just write good quality posts from you heart - which you consistently do!


@cause-no-harm no need to thank and okay! good to know you meant to say it that way, it sounded awkward but cool beans! ;)
i know what you meant for sure ... great post! :)