Hi @catsmart, i´m from venezuela not cuba, the socialism was implement here in 1999, that was the begining of our misfortune.

I KNOW you're from Venezuela, AD and copei and convergencia were all socialist parties, all the opposition in Venezuela is socialist. There have not been any "right" wing politicians or parties there. You've been pretty much screwed from 1958 till today, hence 58 years.

Maybe you're right, but we never before had a situation so terrible, this socialism of the 21st century is killing us, I know some people who say they have eaten Dog food in previous governments, but most of them are people without any grade of education or job training who now support this nonsense government because the government gives a bag of food every 15 days. if the situation drive you now to eat dog food you can´t because you don´t find it on stores you must wait for the goverment racion, I really prefer socialism of the last century to this miserable 21st century socialism.

The eating of dog food is just a big lie, dog food has never been cheaper than low quality rice or pasta. Now something like 15% of the population is eating straight out of the garbage. But never forget that previous socialism brought you this one, even if you go back to that socialism (which was pretty bad all in itself), you will have this one back on the government in no time again. See Nicaragua, for example. "Good" socialism will NOT free you from bad socialism EVER. Also that is why I don't see things getting any better there anytime soon, you still don't know what your REAL problem is: socialism in ANY of its variants.