Drinking Distilled Water will kill you truth? or fiction?

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My opinion on drinking distilled water

Distilled water will kill you if you drink too much! True? Or False?
Distilled water will clean out your body of unnatural minerals! True? Or False?

This is one of those topics that seem to be a bit of truth with an attachment of falsehood. Which part is truth and which is the falsehood is the problem to sort out before making a decision on how to move forward.
The conspiracy here is our government has no interest in protecting the public. They have sold every citizen in the country to international bankers. They coerce researchers for an outcome they want in public studies that are supposed to be independent. They secretly experiment on unwitting subjects that have given their consent based on false information. They use their power we have given them to rule over us as our consent for them to do these things to us. It is OUR own fault that the world is what it is today. So why should we believe the science when it is a government backed study? Or even if it is a corporate backed study? Both lie to the public. Both hide their wrong doings.
The above video is a paid production by a corporation that manufactures Distilleries (again there is a corporate interest, to sell Distiller machines).

Our Municipal Water Sources

Our municipal water companies follow what the federal government mandates or the town, city, or state lose their federal funding. Or gets fined for not following federal mandates or guidelines.
They put all types of chemicals in our drinking water under the guise of public safety. But do nothing to replace our aging water distribution infrastructure.
Our municipal water companies add all kinds of chemicals to our water to hide water color, water taste, water smell, and call it purified or cleaned water fit for drinking. Yet there are up to eighty different chemicals that are in the water that comes out of your tap that we consume on a daily basis. Since when are heavy metals, man made chemicals, and commercial waste products safe to drink?

Distilled Water truth

Distilled water is pure, usually with zero contaminates. Water boils at 212°F/ 100°C. Anything that has a higher boiling point would stay in the distillation tank and anything with a lower boiling point would go into the fresh condensing container with the steam. Even if you just had the lower boiling point contaminates transfer to the condensing container it would be a much healthier option in my opinion then what tap water provides. The distilled water then could be filtered through a carbon filter to remove the rest of the contaminates providing a much more pure form of water.

Uncontaminated water is the best solvent on the planet. Water will pick up salts and hard rock minerals while traveling from the clouds to ground. Water condenses on dust in our atmosphere then drops to the ground as rain. Rain collects in pools then seeps into the ground picking up more minerals and dissolving decaying plant and animal matter. Water then pools in underground aquifers or collects into streams, rivers then lakes and oceans. Water dissolves rock and minerals through out this planets hydro cycle until it starts the process all over again with evaporation. This is the planets distillation process. Water is contaminated from the moment it starts condensing onto a dust particle to form a raindrop or snowflake. Even at that moment, contaminates are almost un-measurable in parts per million. So with that bit of knowledge, in my opinion rain water is a lot more healthier then municipal water.

What would distilled water do to the human body? The science argument is that it will remove minerals that the human body is supposed to have, leaving a deficiency that will eventually cause death. Is this a truth? Or falsehood? Since science is usually funded by corporate or government backers. Can their answer really be believed? On the other hand you have health companies (again a corporate interest) saying that distilled water is good for you and does nothing but clear out contaminates from the human body. Is that statement truth? Or another falsehood?


While I have done some research on this topic before writing this “Opinion Piece” I myself have come to a conclusion that if you did not finance the scientific study yourself, you will not get a truthful outcome as long as there are other peoples agendas mucking it up.

Water is a carrier of minerals, pathogens, organic and inorganic substances that are picked up, moved and redeposited until it gets evaporated again. Distilled water in my opinion is a pure form of water and as long as you have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy, you should not have a problem with deficiencies drinking distilled water. Our bodies will take what it needs from our food sources and dispose of what is in excess or not needed through our wastes. After all, that is how our bodies are supposed to operate right?


link to the youtube video at the top of this post.
None of my research supporting information was used in this document for it is my “Opinion Piece” and anyone that reads this should do their own due diligence and research it for them selves then come to their own conclusions. Do not believe anything I said here “just because I said it”. See if your research leads you to the same conclusions. Also be sure to look into who financed your sources. If it was corporate or government it is untrustworthy at best. I believe to get a truly unbiased conclusion to any research subject the scientists and the financier of the study should not have any interests in what the outcome is.

As always leave a comment to the questions above and lets get a discussion going about it.

Peace to all and have a great day!

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