Do You Have Leaky Gut?

in life •  10 months ago

Hey My Dear Steemian Friends,

I hear a lot of people talking about being tired and exhausted. Especially women. I’m one of them. After working on the job for about ten hours, I come home feeling “wore out”. My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen all day, no energy—I just want to lie down, sleep and rest. So, I listen to my body and respond by parking myself in my brown leather recliner with my feet propped up. AWW! Then I think to myself—I shouldn’t be this tired. So, what can I do about it?

Right away, I started researching online and came across some YouTube videos concerning leaky gut( As I delved deeper into the subject and realized that I was having all the symptoms of digestive problems as described by Dr. Axe. You see, eating junk food (and yes, I’m guilty) loaded with salt and chemicals messes with the acid in your stomach that aids in the digestion of your food. I won’t go into great detail about leaky gut here, but here’s another link for you to read about signs of leaky gut.

After putting some good bacteria in my body, I started feeling better. Several times a day I drink strawberry Kefir that’s loaded with 12 different live, active probiotic cultures. Kefir is a tart, tangy creamy cultured milk smoothie that I purchase from my local Walmart Store. It cost around $2.47 for a 32 oz bottle. It’s gluten and lactose free and has no artificial sweeteners.

Another way that I put good bacteria in my body is by eating fermented vegetables. Luckily, I like preserving food, so fermenting vegetables is easy for me to do. I will explain how to do this in another video coming soon.

Since I enjoy raising a vegetable garden, I plan to ferment some carrots, beets, cucumbers, and cabbage and can them in Mason jars. Rather than me snack on potato chips or doritos, I’m going to snack on fermented vegetables to get all those good B vitamins that gives me energy. Afterall, I need lots of energy to keep up with you here on Steemit. Wouldn’t you agree?

Also, to heal my leaky gut I drink bone broth two or three times a day. I may add some garlic in the hot broth and drink it as a beverage. In just three days, I’ve felt my energy level rise up. WOW! I’m getting my old self back and I’m so happy about it. Now I can do all those little things on my to-do list with joy.

I hope you read up on Leaky gut and will check your own health. Natural healing will make you feel better and become more productive in your every day business. I hope this post serves you well. If you like my input concerning digestive health, would you please give me an upvote. I would appreciate it and write more articles concerning our well being.

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Upvoted and Resteemed. Thank you for using human services my friend.


You're most welcome!


Hmm.. I see. Is there a criteria for the kinds of posts you accept? This post is good. But do you accept just any kind of post? I'd love to engage your services, but I'm curious


Actually, I send messages to only limited people not averyone. So, only good post writers use my services. But sometimes I sometimes not enough good posts is sent me in memo. I upvote and resteem them but it is just %10 I think


okay, cool. i'll keep in touch soon. can you vote without commenting?


Yes, I can.

Good job! The ultimate picture is great and nutritive

PD: I'm Hungry


I'm glad that you enjoyed reading about leaky gut. It can make you tired and "don't do anything" feeling. It's rough living like that when you have to punch a time clock.

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