Good things come to those who... Start making good things happen themselves!

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I consider myself an impatient kinda lady, its one of my flaws definitely but also I find it to be one of my greatest attributes.
I've never been a believer of the saying "Good things come to those who wait." It sounds like a chance to take the back seat in your life and let things fall where they may, yes in some instances with things that are out of your control theres nothing you can do but when you can... It is in my opinion that you should! It's kinda the same with, "If it's meant to be it will be."

Please don't say these things to me, because Tina Fey and I cannot deal. If you wan't something to happen and it's in your power to at least influence it to go the way you want it too. What's the darn harm in doing that? For example, I've never been out of Australia. I have money, well you could at least call me a well off uni student (by well off I mean I live at home and pay like 20 dollars a week to my parents). It is my dream to go to Russia, but I've also always wanted to go to NewZealand. Beautiful place. I've just been too busy hoarding the savings, living a mundane existence where I experience the same things and the same people day in and day out. Just waiting for the perfect time to travel. Is there a perfect time?

Well today I say NO! There is no perfect time to do anything, that word should not even exist in our vocabulary. It just causes issues. I am planning a trip to NZ after Christmas with a group of galpals today. I brought a ticket to a music festival in Byron Bay last night and as my bank account deteriorates I feel mixed emotions of anxiety and relief.

Now this is not me saying go ahead and blow all your savings, this is me saying stop letting those little sayings dictate what you do. It's a cop out, somethings are completely out of your control, but most things are malleable and can be influenced in your favour.

Keep steemin on guys!

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You make your own destiny. Lol love it really strong and powerful. good for you taking control.

Very interesting your post, I follow you, greetings :)