A Virtual Reality Game or A Slave Farm?

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In response to my article A Planet Sized Laboratory- Mass Insect Die Off, Species Extinction, Geoengineering, Mycoplasma, Cancer & Autoimmune diseases

Carlita, As usual, I find your current article well informed on difficult subjects, yet easily readable, if people will just face the mistreatment, which our planet endures. I tried to up~vote your article, but the webpage said: "Failed captcha verification, please try again". Yet no captcha test appeared on my screen. I would be glad to support you in that way, however...

After too many decades of hearing about deliberate abuses of our world, by the powers that be, i have become convinced that we simply live in sort of a challenge~world, to test our soul, or our true self. I have come to doubt that rebellions would improve the world, but rather it is only our own true self which can once and for all grow up in awareness, to get out of futile reincarnation cycles here.

A scrutinizing awareness should tell us it us all, that this is a virtual reality game, which we are all viscerally caught up in. I believe higher awareness is possible for those who confront this insane, built in entropy, which wears down on our energies and entices us to work inside of a dysfunctional world systems. This is my growing conviction, that we are actually living in a slave farm, to cultivate humans as complex toys, for a demented species, with higher technology, but lower potentials of wisdom, yet who have fooled human creatures for eons.

I welcome any reader here to discuss this further with me, where i can describe relevant methods, to explore this comprehensive insight, which i have recently discovered on the www. I speak of internal discovery, of ones true self, to the full satisfaction of ones self, without reliance on cults, drugs or expensive means. Just to try particular exercises with sincere purity of intent. I have discovered so much in this. - Bo Atkinson. Website- Harmonious Pallete

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