South African Bus Strike Continues.

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Any form of transportation using buses is at a complete stand still as unions continue to protest due to a wage increase of 12% that they have requested. The offer of 7% was declined by the unions. Even major coaches such as Greyhoud and Citiliner are part of the ongoing strike now this leaves a very negative impact on the people that need to travel, to school and work etc. For example I need to travel back to Johannesburg as I am currently in Kwa-Zulu Natal this just is not possible due to the strike and finding other alternative transportation is seriously costly.

They have addressed the Unions with a counter offer of 9.5%, currently this strike has been ongoing for weeks now, so there needs to be some sort of resolution too restore transportation by bus.



People are being attacked and beaten for something they have absolutely no control over, medical bills as well as damages to property and so on, who is going to cover those costs and what is government doing regarding this matter? This is a very sad result that they can't protest peacefully, South Africa is seriously a disgrace.


All this has achieved is absolute chaos , burning buses assaulting people what for? How is that going to change anything?

It has even gone as far that POP(Problem Oriented Policing) has had to stand in because protestors wanted to burn down an entire police station! The police has got no involvement regarding the bus strike, this is apparently how low some people's mentality goes.

Honestly I am ashamed to be an South African citizen!

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good post i like it


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I've been following the South Africa situation vis-a-vis land expropriation now for a few months. I'm sorry to see your country go further downhill. Why are they beating up random people? Is that to try and further their cause?


@apsistrading You know what it's just what they do because they can't get their way then they blame it on apartheid and turn it into a racial matter. This is why South Africa will never be a united country, that makes me sad...