A Dose of Perseverance Is What We Need

in #life4 years ago

Lack of perseverance for me is one of the reasons why some of us don't achieve much yet. This thing is what urges us to do almost anything despite all the troubles and consequences we may face. This thing here, I believe is what us people must necessarily have and carry all throughout our lives cause this will carry us to what we want to have.
So we must keep on going, we may have that troubles and consequences in our journey but as long as, what you want to have is good for you and for the things around, these problem will just wander off. This may sounds funny but some problems may benefit you to becoming a much stronger person and you will grow from it but don't be a victim. Just remember to never give up and know where may it leads you for good.
No matter how small, tall or big you are remember that having a dream is for everyone. You can reach your dreams, you just have to fill yourself with perseverance.

And I like to share this to you a watercolor piece that i've made today


and I hope you like it 😀


Wise advice. Thank you! ^__^
Beautiful artwork!

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