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When meeting someone for the first time,the first thing you need to know about the person is his/her name.Names makes us different from one other persons.Because the names of persons represent our uniqueness,we are slighted when our names aren't pronounced or spelled correctly.


Name \'nām\n :a. word or combination of words by which a person or thing is regularly known.

knowing the person's name,is the initial way of knowing the person,because there is history or story behind every given name.It may tell or give us an idea about the circumstances of a persons birth,the special people or religious meaning of  the chosen name.

At times the manner in which a name is spoken in different occasions usually manifest the attitude of a person towards the other.It may be spoken and sound with tenderness or spiteful anger.The utterance of a name brings tears to ones eye;deep sadness and profound memories are remembered.When face with great challenge and in the midst of uncertainty we speaks deeply and quietly the name of our beloved to be reassured and felt their loving presence-like a child spontaneously crying out for her mother whenever  it's afraid at darkness.

When were angry we have the tendency of calling others with some gross sinful names.Different attitudes are sometimes evoked because of name callings.On the other hand when we get closed to other person we started to make up some names that fit other's personality or at times just simply making names to tease.Branding is also naming a product to established it's identity so as to know who the owners.Having or owning an Identification Card for an instance gives a feeling of belonging to a group or company.

The names of a person must be spoken only with reverence and respect because names represent the gift and mystery of our persona and presence.We are violated when our names are ridiculed,for our names represent us as a person,so we should respect each names and human.

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