Bienvenidos a Mexico!

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Hola Steamians,

So I have officially been in Mexico for 3 days now. I am staying with my brother and his girlfriend who live in Cancun. To be honest, there was a very specific scene which played out in my head about arriving in Mexico. I imagined the following: the doors of the airport open out onto dirt roads, there are old men in colourful ponchos riding donkeys, yelling 'Ariba ariba!' as the guitars in the background play that well-known, traditional Mexican rhythm.

However, Cancun doesn't look like this. (Also, I want to slap myself for being such a stereotypical dumb human).

Cancun is defined by its white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. Although its known to be the Vegas of Mexico, I am absolutely in love with this tropical paradise. I started with my PADI open water course today, which I am incredibly excited about, since scuba-diving in the Caribbean ocean can only be a sensational experience. I'm quite excited to see what the rest of Mexico has to offer, next week we are going to be exploring these areas: Isla Mujures, Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Cozumel, Akumal, Tulum and Cenotes. I can't wait to share all my photos and experiences with you guys, Mexico is absolutely magical! Please check out the pictures I've taken so far:

The beach next door to where we stay:

Beach in Quintana Roo, Cancun:

Pool at my accommodation:

Tree at my accommodation:

Where I am doing my PADI Open Water:

Lots of blue water:

Kind of looks like a movie:


Wow @capetowngirld that looks amazing, definitely looks like a holiday spot one needs to have on your bucket list. Hope you have a wonderful time.

very Nice! any shots from the local towns?

Espectacular, ojalá pueda viajar y conocer algún día! Saludos

That looks amazing!

Amazing post very interesting

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Omg, little jealous! I have lived in Tijuana Mexico for almost ayear now and I knew about Cancun from pictures already, but I haven't travelled down there yet. The pictures are amazing, how long will you stay? Definetly wish you a great time :)

looks really nice, I would love to go to Mexico.

This is stunning omw!

I just fly out of Belize yesterday to avoid the storm, be careful my dear!