Faithfulness to God

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This God's word is based only in the bible that I read in Sirach

  • God says
    My child if you are going to serve the Lord, be prepared for the times when you will be put to the test. Be sincere and determine keep calm when trouble comes. Stay with the Lord and never abandon him; And you will be prosperous at the end of your days, Accept whatever happens to you, Even if you suffer humiliation, Be patient.; Gold is tested by fire, and human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation. " Trust in the Lord and he will help you. Walk straight in his ways and put your hope in him.

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All you that fear the Lord and wait for him to show you his mercy. Do not turn away from and you will fall. " All you that fear the Lord, trust him and you will certainly be rewarded. " All you that fear the Lord look forward of his blessings of mercy and eternal happiness.
" Think back to the ancient generation and consider this, has the Lord ever dissappointed anyone who helped him in constant reverence? Has the Lord ever ignored anyone who prayed to him? "The Lord is kind and merciful he forgive us our sins and keep us safe in times of trouble,

But those who lose their serve are doomed - all those sinners who try to have it both ways! Doom is sure to come for those who lose their hope. What will they do when the Lord comes to judge them?

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Those who fear the Lord and do not disobey his commands; those who love him and will live as he wants them to live,
Those who fear and love the Lord will try to please him and devote themselves to the Law,
Those who fear the Lord are always ready to serve him, They humble themselves and say is, " We place our destiny in the hands of the Lord, not in human hands. Because his mercy is as great as his majesty."

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