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RE: LIFE IN THE 3RD WORLD: The Pros and Cons of living in Lima, Peru

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Hi @brandon-rosano,
What a great list of pros and cons you have provided! I like how you broke down the cost of living so that if someone is thinking about moving to Lima, Peru, they would be able to budget accordingly. I also appreciate you mentioning the lack of respect. It is definitely useful to know how the public acts towards each other so you are not entirely caught off guard when issues like this occur. Overall, great post and I look forward to reading more!


very cool article, showing off some perspective in regards to detail (y)

I think that the term "third world" shows that the person from the "first world" feels some sort of superiority. I have lived in Lima for 27 years and in the US for 17 years and I can only say that life is different in each place. There is almost no inflation in Peru. There is an exchange rate. Gasoline is more expensive in Peru. Food and housing is cheaper. There is no "lack of respect". There are only some cultural differences.

I would talk to someone who has lived many years in Lima to provide advise.