Youtube Trying To Be a Mainstream Cable Competitor and Failing

in life •  10 months ago

If you have been keeping up with the youtube drama in the last few years, it is pretty obvious what their move is going to be in the future. With new implementations like youtube red and supporting mainstream cable channels like Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel above actual content creators, they are sending a clear message that the platform is no longer what it used to be. Despite push back from big youtubers themselves with millions of subscribers, it seems they are set in their ways and things will probably only get worse for content creators.

There once was a time where youtube was for the creator and really didn't care about the celebrity endorsements or mainstream channels joining the site. However what was quickly realized was it became much more lucrative to cater to those channels because they brought in bigger expensive advertisers. With the adpocalypse that has happened in the last year, many youtubers who have millions of subscribers have seen their incomes decimated. This has been going on slowly for years, but in the last year a few articles giving youtube bad press really set it off big time.

The thing is, normal creators are too volatile for youtube's business model now, they cant predict when someone like a pewdiepie will do something that people lash out against. Mainstream media channels with oversight and people making sure the content is user friendly is in the favor of advertisers, which ultimately makes google money. When youtube was pretty much censorship free and allowed most things on the site without getting pulled down, they were hemorrhaging money. They had a larger plan all along so they were willing to lose money, but now it seems that the larger plan is killing the ultimate vision.

Youtube right now has little in the way of real competitors, hopefully this will change. I for one like where dtube is heading and hope we can see people move there in the next couple of years. However even if creators don't like youtube they will still probably be posting there because it is free to do so. Videos will most likely have to be created for fun rather than profit, or creators will have to branch out with other ventures like merchandising.

The truth is the dream of creating a youtube channel and being able to get millions of subscribers and ultimately become your own boss, is pretty much dead, on that platform anyway. In order to break into the market now you need to be a pretty substantial force and most likely able to support yourself with other means. Most people unfortunately are unable to do this and we have seen many cut upload amounts in half or even stop completely. Things will only continue to get worse in my opinion. I only hope that the creators of content people want to see can find a home somewhere else.


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Centralization always leads to this outcome, and Youtube is no exception to the rule. The demonetization of Youtube is what drove me to invest in Steemit due to services like Dtube.

Those disgruntled Youtberes are coming to Steemit and Dtube, and I hope this platform can handle the millions of incoming new members over the next few years. It will be EPIC!


You're 100% right @techwizardry. Youtubers are coming here by the day. However, we won't see a MASS exodus, imo, until some of the bigger youtubers announce their departure and bring their fanbase with them.


completely Agree

Broke youtuber. near future it will be usual :D

tbh i hope youtube crash and burn the way they have treated youtubers is not right hopefully those same youtubers will discover DTube.

I am new to video content creation and just started using Youtube a month ago. In the last month I have found Steemit and Dtube. Your post has me thinking I should just ignore Youtube altogether and just use Dtube. What do you think?


From what I've noticed, it's very difficult to start off on Steemit. However, once you build a base of followers here, it isn't hard to get some income. However, I still say, for those who have no prior following, starting off on steemit is VERY difficult.


Thank you for the reply. Yes, it has been difficult, but then again it could just be my content is boring :-)


The best part about being new is that you have time to experiment with different forms of delivery. Also, sometimes it's about the MARKETING. Trust me, I've written posts for hours that haven't gotten the views that I wanted. However, once I found decent channels to get those posts exposure, I got the votes I needed to get me on the hot page. I'm still experimenting, but for the most part I'm making more than when I started. Still no where near being a whale.

My approach is out of Gary Vaynerchuk's videos. "Put your head down and work for a couple of years, the audience will come". I feel like everytime I complain about the audience, my motivation to continue goes down. Just put in the work, and they'll be there! Good luck!!

Youtube's golden age is over, the only thing that makes them still running is the popularity, however there are newer, better platforms out here.

This is a great post of blog..I appreciate to your post...Thanks for sharing ..

Since the attention span of people is going down more and more everyday, watching long YouTube videos for comedy and many types of tutorials isn't really a thing anymore. Especially after vine came about (and died out), people are turning to Instagram. The fact that you can upload minute long videos as well as multiple videos and photos on a single post on Instagram has been a huge plus for many vloggers.

Snapchat has figured it out too and there's many insta famous people and even celebrities that showcase their lives on these two platforms.

Just like how Facebook is full of sponsored ads and random articles causing it to be more and more irrelevant, YouTube is slowly becoming less interesting to me. Personally, I don't see much comedy on it anymore. I still go on it to watch tutorials for programming, other school related content, and motivational videos by Ted Talks and such but Instagram has become the new hub for comedians it seems like.

With huge YouTube stars like Logan Paul being blinded by fame and posting disturbing content in the name of money, it's only a matter of time people see that YouTube has become sponsor land and, like you pointed out, cable TV esque.


YT is still full of educational and critical thinking material. Most of it is long in duration.


Yep. Like I said, it's still popular for educational content but comedy on it is falling behind. Educational videos are still relevant on it because most of these require way more than just 1-2 minute worth of material whereas everyday comdey today is seconds long.


I mostly visit youtube for sociopolitical commentaries. Lot of them have high comedy value and not all are short.

What do You mean by "just like how Facebook is full of sponsored ads and random articles causing it to be more and more irrelevant, YouTube is slowly becoming less interesting to me" - too much ads on youtube as well? The videos from creators I like the most often get demonetized - often for unclear reasons.

Youtube have amassed so many executives, department managers, and account managers that seem to circle around at their meetings and pat each other on the back, saying things like:

  1. How can we increase our own rate of pay, and our own profits?
  2. How can we pay less to our content creators and still survive?

Well, even big companies can lose a huge chunk of their market share. Just look at Kodak who failed to innovate on time.

Youtube and Google is ripe to have a complete update of their business direction, or some huge monster is going to come and eat their lunch for them.

Content creators on Youtube have very low moral, and esteem right now. All youtube seems to be doing is prepping their content creators (and their audience) to jump ship at the first available opportunity.

I can't wait to see how this ends in the long run.

Cocky corporations drive me crazy.


I am currently reuploading my vids on my second channel, after they terminated me for material that was fine a few years back. I still stick around there, hoping people will support me via Patreon and Paypal.


It's only a matter of time until we see a mass exodus of people leaving for Dtube and steemit. We've already seen Dtube rebrand and start to become more organized as a platform. We just need a couple more whales to announce that they're leaving Youtube and that will be it for YouTube.

Will YouTube go away? Probably not, but I'll admit that I'm biased towards Steemit and want this community to grow as much as possible. Fuck censorship.


Youtube is not all about the profits. Google has a clear political bias - lawsuit by Damore shows that well, but also how selectively youtube demonetizes some kind of content.

if it were not for Youtube,that we would not know much, thank you for valuable information she very helped me

Youtube sucks right now . It's going too much critical to work there .
Looking forward on steemit . That will be great.
Good post dear. Keep posting here useful content , Thanks @calaber24p

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most people can't even afford 500$ on a crypto that hops up and down in value like crazy XD


what is your point to argue like this

Youtube sucks at the present time . It's going excessively basic to work there .

Looking forward on steemit . That will be extraordinary.

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with YouTube you're not sure, without warning suspend the channel.
in December 2017 me have suspended 2 youtube channel without notice.

thank you for the post upvoted :))))))) will appreciate if you can have a look at latest post and let me know what you think <3333

Youtube was working on a negative income for years, and needed sponsors to keep going. Monetizing was the way to grow bigger than its competitors but it reached a point where every cringe creator out there was uploading harmful to the sponsors material, so they backed down during the adpocalypse. After that, YT made strict regulations and lowered the revenue, making content creators to not be as motivated as they used to, because they do not have the freedom of speech they used to, or were making as much.

I lost my YT channel for material that was fine a few years back and had to start anew. I am making a fraction of what I used to and try to expand to other platforms. Vidme seemed to be the next best thing but it never got monetization and closed down. Then the SBD blew up in value and I joined Steemit in an attempt to make back what I used to. The value keeps dropping in after only one month, so I am not sure it's worthwhile here as well.

I mean, I can still make a few SBD by just posting, but it won't make the money it used to just a month ago.


For the most part, I feel that the fluctuating prices of SBD are due to the fact that the crypto market is still in its infancy. In the long run, I expect the volatility to drop and prices to return to a norm. However, SBD will recover.

This is the exact problem with centralization. Adpocalypse aside, Youtube has been known for falsely demonetizing videos and taking down channels because of users being falsely flagged. It's getting ridiculous. People are coming to steemit and dtube in droves. However, we still need Youtube whales to announce their exodus in order to make others aware of Steemit. This will be good for steem, SBD, and cryptocurrency in general too because many new users will be introduced to this ecosystem. It also helps those already established on steemit as well because the userbase grows.

In all honesty I really don't think all the content creators from Youtube coming to Steemit would be good for the community, but maybe that's just me.

I guess I just enjoy the current differences, which still exist, I'll probably seem like an asshole to the aspiring vlogger, but I think that if you can't "make it" on Youtube you'll only survive here till the bigger channels find out and flood over anyway, I don't want the same things I find on my screen there on Steemit, while all the small interesting individuals start to disappear.

I personally think there should always be a competition and if a platform(in this case youtube) is not evolving but rather degradading, well good luck to it. I liked it for a long time and was making my own content, but with a time I really lost interest to it. Perhaps it is the time of decentralized projects now.

You tube sucks, much better to post on dtube and get paid right away.


This so much better blog. I have like,Be counties and express you skils.

This compounded with the fact that youtubers seem to be feeling the strain of the censorship might unload a bunch of potential new users.

Its good information . the idea in the article will help the steemit community to become successful members. Thanks sharing the post.

Interesting view on YouTube, more and more online platforms are trying to expand their offerings and tap into other markets....who watches regular TV nowadays??? Everyone I know either streams content or uses PVRs. The "normal TV" is dead.....internet TV is the future

this YouTube drama just send me to D Tube and after that I was proud member of steem Community and I am now sending some of the video on YouTube about d-tube.

I think steemit community have effected and will effect more to youtube. Very soon youtubers will join steemians.

When it comes to innovation, it gets worse day by day, and YouTube is no longer popular.

You tube is very up to date system for our world

True. The worse thing is, imho, that Youtube and Google are political and in a way I don't approve. That's exposed in Damore's Google suit and in some commentaries e.g.;q=youtube%20political;ref=top

For that reason (plus ghost banning, broken notifications, limited state videos, etc.) I'm slowly moving out of youtube. It's my first day on Dtube. So far so good. I wish more content creators join it. The monetization here looks interesting.