Day 178 Moring Run & Daily Reps

in life •  9 months ago 

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog. I enjoyed it to the extend where I turned it into a year long challenge were I try to find a good balance between health, work and my personal life...

Usually when I wake up in the moring, a reset button has been pressed and I'm in a quite good and motivated mood. Even though I'm not yet where I need to be mentally and still rely on some discipline not to let myself go at times, I did feel some new found motivation to keep going at it improving myself. I have a quite honest relationship with myself and tend to set quite high goals at times. Even a tiny break of the 'rules' counts as breaking them to my and I ate some bread with a vegan spread and some mayonese. When looking at my eating pattern in the past and now there is a huge difference thoug and I can't complain to where I am at right now

I did go for another morning run and also broke the 10000 step atifit number. I'm not so much a fan of getting a lot of actifit posts in my feed and know it can be combined in my regular daily posts while still getting the upvote. Unfortunately I would have to change my time of posting though since the steps are being reset in the actifit app before the mornning. Actifit does succeed to motivate doing more steps though and each time I do 10000+ I will likely make a quick post through the app in the evening.

I also started doing reps again, the idea was to do all the different plank variations from the Plank Challenge from @plantstoplanks , but since all of them are not out yet I will wait to do those all at once on Sunday. I did some regular planks and some pull-ups and knee-ups with weights though. Saturday will be another push up day, a whopping 420 will be the goal again

ChecklistSep 11Sep 12Sep 13Sep 14Sep 15Sep 16Sep 17
Days Healthy Eatingvvxx---
Daily Repsxxxv---
Sport Activityvvvv---
Clean Appartmentvvxv---
Days No Porn1200---

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