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This took 3 days themselves also to recall the memory of some fifty years ago lived in aceh

The scenario that will be implemented is to Survey the condition of LAN installation, branch office tower, installation of the antenna and installation the following mikrotik Router trial and run the following test VPN connection all running applications online.

The first day of

Traversed by the coordination office staff and your isp and the vendor of the tower, the evening back to one of the 5 star hotel, but sleeping on the very bottom of the class. ... (also great hotel bandung full booking all) .... info bellhop at the tip end of the year a lot of people that will spend time in Aceh until 3 days before the turn of the year the hotel was full.

Others are preparing this holiday are still preparing to resolve projectnya (Innocent).

The second day

Supervision of installation of tower triangle from the vendor with the specifications in the conditions. the specs tower can be seen here as material input when install the tower triangle.

In the supervision of installation of tower turned out to be a lot of grief, where to be able to go up to the rooftop had to struggled through the window size 30 cm x20 cm (almost this foot kejepit and cramps, want to go forward or backward can not ultimately help builders tower to pull ... own smile). up top, he once joked with the builders of tower

"Mr Hendri... Yes so so installatir tower ... "

They answered "what his good Sir ... so installatir gini is mandatory ready 5S "

His difficult way up onto the roof (Mr. udah cobakan ... ride passing by the window size? 30x20 cm)
Naikin sticks to the roof of his difficult (think sir, 10 floors of the traditional-traditional deh ..)
His difficult berdiriin sticks (when the room is cramped subterfuge aja important stand)
His difficult if rain (let alone there are lightning ... ... ... ... ... Black used to be a Pack)
His difficult dapetnya little (dapetnya per stick, the more sticks installed .... Yes ... passable Pack)
"Trus ... liked what dong ...? "ask me

"liked if can smoking of the father of the last ...., minimal money smoking could be in love at home and bini bini so add ... .... hmmm ashamed ah pak, but thankful for aja pak tomorrow how tomorrow wae ... " they said.

Turns out in thankful for is the key for them to survive in order to menafkahi their families. the afternoon after the tower is ready, install and direct ISP technician doing the pointing of the antenna the following test connection.

##The third day

so be it dibayangin aja aja udah roof riding hard, pick up sticks from the ground up for mercy his difficult, intricate waduuuhhh berdiriin ... ... ... but still stands as well.

Connect the connection to the router is already in the previous settings and test running dummmmmmp done. ...

Setting and check there check here the vpn test can went smoothly according to plan.

During the day ... having in make sure all went well without a thought in one of the branches of the boss gave 2 statues typical bandung ... ... hmmmm funny too Yes his image though does not know what his name is ... until now displayed in a showcase home ... you ... thank you ... afternoon ..... back to the capital ....

There is a little Gift By colleagues from installatir about a few things that need to be prepared before doing the Pointing Wireless approaches include:

  1. GPS
  2. Compass
  3. Binocular
  4. pigtail
  5. Wireless AP 802 .11A
  6. Grid Antenna
  7. Notebooks, Radio communication (HT), a 8. pipe iron, pipe clamps.
  8. Cable tester, Crimping Tool RJ45. 10. connectors, cables, power roll, UTP cable.
  9. Climbing equipment, harness, webbing, carabiner.
  10. Wrenches, key ring, wrench, pliers (cut, clamp, crocodile), screwdriver sets, tie rap, insulating gel (silicon), rubber 3 m, torch (flash light)

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