The urge to wonder

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Human is in motion throughout life. He constantly experiences new things and experiences new things. But not every thing he encounters knows. There may be complex, unresolved things at once. In order to adapt to life, he must escape the non-existent situation.

curious ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If the situation attracts the attention of the person and the attention is concentrated in that direction, the brain does not like the uncertainty that exists. He wants to know why and put new information into a certain pattern. For this, one does research, asks, learns.

In other words, curiosity constitutes the basis for human development and progress. Thanks to this impulse, the person who makes the discovery experiences the happiness of adding something to life as well as adding to himself. In fact, the process of generating new information that motivates scientists begins with a small spark.

curious ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We praised the urge to wonder so much, but there are few who say it's not a good thing. Curiosity puts people into the grave. Curiosity kills the cat. as well as the end of curiosity is not connected to some bad experienced say.

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