Reliable News Sources

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There are ways to continue to receive false news from social media, not particularly good. Because often fake news can give us a bad perception about someone.

Reliable News Sources ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Most people sometimes use fake news with Photoshopped pictures, and they use social media to attack their enemies.

If I want to know something about what's going on in the world, I'm going to the CNN channel, but if I want to know what's going on around me, I'm going to go to state news or network news. That's why I prefer to receive information on TV more than other sources.

Reliable News ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The best way to generate information or news is to be precise from the television (CNN) channel. The reason I am based on the news I receive from this channel is that as a standard channel, you don't hear the wrong news from the channel; therefore, any information you hear from the channel must be thoroughly accessed before it is released.

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