Ocean Cleaning

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I think cleaning the ocean can be a difficult task, but we can implement some basic strategies that can be used to make the ocean clean in the first place. However, the development of technology can cause machines to be built. This can help clean the ocean automatically, but for now, we have to do it manually.

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How this ocean cleaning can be done manually, ocean cleaning can be done first by disposing of the oceans' impurities or plastics or wastes, which can be done individually or by taking a voluntary measure to ensure the cleanliness of the world. people.

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The water could also be kept clean, by training ourselves and the people about the danger of being a dirty ocean around, as well as throwing away any dirt from the ocean.

We should also pay attention to what we wash in the restrooms and sewers. Waste is directing towards the ocean and is a source of concern, and some products of a company can also be found in the water in the ocean. waste ends.

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