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In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king condemned to roll a huge rock to the highest point of a hill forever in the underworld. He was punished for revealing the great secret of Zeus and deceiving the other gods with various cunning.

Greek mythology ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Humanity has exhibited serious developmental dynamics since its formation and has questioned the world and its place within the framework of its developing logic. The price of this questioning is that our existential emptiness, which will never end forever, will be filled with filling the anxiety or unrest of this emptiness.

Why do we exist, what do we live for? We find ourselves in this space when asking questions like. This situation, which seems to be the result of the social and political developments seen as the returns of the 20th century, is in fact due to the internal obscurity which has existed for a long time and always leads to more. It is the result of existential distress in the other living lives that human beings have greedily exploited from time immemorial, or the cruel treatment of other individuals of its kind, even when we look at our individual relationships, to consume the relationship, to leave mutual respect, and perhaps to destroy it.

I'm going to open a parenthesis in this position. What we call greed is not far from Klein's notion. In fact, the concept of greed is one of the names we understand best. The baby wants to be satisfied and protected against the terrible and destructive impulses from the first object after birth. If this does not develop, the best enemy of the good-bad object is the envy of the enemy.

Greek mythology ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Envy attacks the early-self and the outside world. And the first object becomes the inexhaustible object in the fantasy world. Envy, greed is separated from the envy in the projection position, while the first object tends to disrupt and contaminate it. Greed is the state of reflecting the object and exploiting it but not being satisfied.

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