For whom is this purity?

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Violence, which is a frequently used movement in our society, provides superiority or dominance over individuals or persons, institutions or organizations, objects and other living things; is a type of behavior that is applied to interfere with the freedom, the field of action and the rights of the object.

purity ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Violence is often physical, emotional, sexual abuse; it causes victim abuse according to the perpetrator.

According to the statistics of the last 10 years, more than two thousand women have been killed during this period and two and a half million women are subjected to domestic violence.

We're talking about a society that is sure to be a man and a woman. The society where the woman was born as a girl and took her name according to her virginity. Perhaps you should question the red belt that represents your virginity when you get married.

purity ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The sexual nature of the person determines the cleanliness of the person before his marriage as if his natural sexuality was the right of a woman to live after marriage. And the white wedding dress has purity and cleanliness. Does a man's outfit represent his purity and cleanliness?

Or, does purity, cleansing mean something different for everyone? Then to whom this purity, sense of cleanliness? According to society. According to the culture we grew up in.

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