Creating Opportunity for Goodness

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You will have so much opportunity to do good, as long as you ask. Do not step on an ant while walking on the road, throw a barrier aside and put it in the trash. Or help an old man cross the road. In warm weather, give water to an animal.

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When you're on the sidewalk looking for birds looking for food, change your way lightly without a fright. On the bus, on the train, give yourself to a big person, a disabled person or a woman with children. Boy trying to ride in the pram, hold the end of his car. It takes three seconds. Respect the environment, do not pollute.

Smile is the easiest. About 43 muscles were activated to pout, 17 muscles were enough to smile. Come on, smile and distribute the positive energy we need around you a lot.

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You can't find a way to help you so nice and cheap. Are you smiling; you are doing good and good deeds. There is no easy gain.

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