The abduction succeeded, my plan worked, everyone was surprised...[Mommy's birthday]

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Good night, I know that you probably already read my mother's article and there was a very strange phrase "I was kidnapped" and not some special people, and my children. So, this kidnapper was me!
You know, to make a surprise this one, and to make a surprise to my mother is another. And in general, I'm such a person who likes to do everything so, that everything happens insanely unexpectedly. So, my mother is so special, cute and naive woman,

that she is so emotionally and cutely responsive to every surprise, that she wants to make such surprises every day. And I believe, that I will have even more money soon and I will be able to do such surprises more often. So, this idea arose on the very same day, that before my mother's birthday, it was enough for me to hear my Mom's words, that "If I had the money, I would like to wake up not at home" and I do not serve the whole day the mind did what he intended.


It turned out to be as high as possible, not hinting at all. For my mommy make a surprise a fun experience. She is so easy for everything. At about 7 o'clock in the evening, I said to my mother: (a taxi has already arrived): - "Mom, I went to show you something on the street, but you wear a bandage on your eyes.
In the five minutes before, I ran to the taxi driver and warned him not to be silent, for it was a surprise. Then I turned to mother and when she put on the bandage, I seamlessly took three picked up backpacks and took my mother to the car.


Mom's reaction was as much surprised and a little frightened, but we quickly reassured her. On the way, as mom was wearing a bandage in front of her eyes, she called all her relatives and said that she was kidnapped. The taxi driver admired us all the way. As we arrived, I paid the number and told the staff that he would still be silent.
I took my mother to the room and took off the bandage, by the way, by the way, my mother guessed where we were going.
By the way, I took with us a dinner - three packs of pancakes. Then we went for a walk in the quiet streets, enjoying the warm freezing of light, spring rain.


Later, we went to the store, bought a delicious meal and went to our hotel room and drank tea with roses and brooches. And later we went to wash in the shower, and later very cool lay on a dip on the bed, which smelled of wood. In short, kidnapping succeeded...
Do you know what morale? I understood myself and my plans. I do not mind a penny for my family, and I do not care how much I will spend, but whether I will be left without money or not, but I did an exciting performance for my mommy:)
Happy birthday 💜

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It's a heartwarming story!

Thanks to @seyiodus, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

This is a beautiful story. I mean that.


Thank you 😊