My creative wooden stand for clothes is created by me and my friend with my own hands

in life •  3 months ago  (edited)

Good evening! You know, for a long time I wanted to tell you how I made a rack for clothes with my friend myself. But unfortunately I did not catch those frames on the camera, because I forgot, and so circumstances were. But I did not get upset and made a vivid video about how we had already wrapped all my wardrobe on her.


In short, I collected my entire wardrobe from Lviv and brought it to the village, because I decided to upgrade. I was looking for a board for this rack all day long. Then lacquered them. My friend came up to my cause very seriously and did everything professionally. We drilled tags for the cross-threading of a special thread in the device from the device. In short, very cool. Here's a story, Good night!

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