5 habits that kill our youth!!!

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We all want to stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. However, daily performing these rituals, we not only reduce the chances of beauty, but also undermine their health. We tell you what habits should be abandoned right now.


To there not told nutritionists about the benefits of this drink, but the daily use of too much coffee leads to dehydration of the body and the appearance on the face of a heap of small wrinkles. So if you can't Wake up without a refreshing drink, then drink a glass of clean water. That's what Europeans do, who just can not live without coffee.


It is useful to recall that the use of this product leads to the destruction of collagen fibers that provide radiance and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, to keep the beautiful young skin, you need to completely give up sugar.


Unfortunately, nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a person who would not feel stress. Negative thoughts literally kill youth and contribute to rapid aging. In addition, the body is subject to stress, can not withstand the impact of the environment and cope with various diseases.

Hot water

If you are used to taking too hot a shower or bask in a roasting bath, then do not be surprised that your skin "fades" too quickly. And all because hot water dries the skin too much in the cold season suffering from wind and low temperatures. Therefore, a five-minute stay under a contrast shower will be enough.

Rare change of pillowcases

It would seem, what connection between pillowcases and beauty? In fact, stale pillowcases are a beneficial environment for the reproduction of bacteria that negatively affect the skin. Therefore, to preserve the health and beauty of the skin, it is necessary to abandon feather pillows, replacing them with synthetic, and pillowcases changed a couple of times a week.



thank you for your post. I follow you. I was in Israel in march. I like Israel.

Thank you for this advice , esspecially about the pillow cases, I didn't know that

Hmm, drinking a lot of water that is true, I have to drink more water...
Quitting coffee, nah, never sorry...

It is very hard to stop intake of sugar. I am glad to be looking young for my age, but that is just those who like me and compare themselves or others in our circle. I've given up coffee a couple of times, but find then I have too much tea. I think all drinks but water must have a negative impact upon one's health in the long run, as nearly all hot drinks contain a sweetener as do most cold also, and caffeine in tea is often stronger than amounts in coffee. There are decaf of both but they usually taste like they definitely need sweetener. I keep working at it. I've resteemed. We all need this reminder. Keep on keeping on. 😇

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