How To Take The Headache Out Of Time Prediction Sell

in life •  8 months ago

You have to have a plan, anything else is blindless gambling. I remember when I first started and I just drove in eager to make trades. I’m not saying that this isn’t gambling because it is, but let’s identify the fire exits. Safety nets in a sort. If you don’t have a TradingView account THAT’s the first step.
Here’s a recent example : I was aware of my position as I bought bitcoin after the drop at two. I had sell order (stop-limit) at the different support levels. I also have sell orders at the peak of 4 from the Eliot Waves. Of course I’m completely hedging based on simple resistance and support levels, but this can really save you a lot of stress, worry and money.


I had this posted live on TradingView since April 9 now let’s take a look at what happen.


Hear I took the headache out of time prediction sell because I sold at 4 and it was my plan from the beginning. Small victories are how you win the the race. Now my position has change.

Now bitcoin there is only three possibilities for what bitcoin could do next. It can go up, down or sideways...SO now tell me what is smart position to take next? When is the best time to buy back? And I will tell you my plan.

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