20 Things Smart People Don't Do

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  1. They don’t overlook the possibility to save money
  2. They don’t heavily rely on others
  3. They don’t act irresponsibly
  4. They don’t feel defeated just because they need to reevaluate their convictions
  5. They don’t dwell on their errors
  6. They don’t permit their past to hold them back
  7. They don’t rely on good luck to solve their problems
  8. They don’t neglect important aspects of their business
  9. They don’t hesitate to learn from their mistakes
  10. They don’t give up on their ideas just because other people don’t agree with them
  11. They don’t make strong remarks that can make them look weak in the future
  12. They don’t lose the opportunity to broaden their experience
  13. They don’t know how to back off from a good cause
  14. They don’t waste the potentials of their gadgets
  15. They don’t overestimate their abilities
  16. They don’t make redundant enemies
  17. They don’t allow their pride to get in the way
  18. They don’t put all the eggs in one basket
  19. They don’t lie to themselves that everything will be easy
  20. They don’t take unnecessary risks

source : http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/20-things-smart-people-dont.html

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Thank you for the reminders!

Awesome 😎

Dropping KNOWLEDGE lol


"There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" - Morpheus

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Excellent post! Resteemed. All my best to you and to fellow Steemians!