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RE: What is The Path to Follow? Part 2 - The Mystery and Some Conclusions I’ve Arrived to on Why People Don’t Listen to Advice...

in #life3 years ago

"Sadly we live now in a world where many of the values are being lost, and all values start with respect, a word that we all use, but only to speak, not to act."--- This is really True! They've forgotten the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect for others opinions. They only want others to hear themselves but in return, they don't want to listen to your ideas because of Pride and Ego. A saying stands true until today that, Respect begets respect...


You bet @brooksm! Pride and Ego are really "Joy Killers". We must learn how to remove them from our lives so that we can experience the true meaning of Happiness and RESPECT!

Perfect! All the best!

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