Hhhh a trouble
Services have evolved I think!
Enjoy your home.. fun of privacy

Oh poor you!! Man doing laundry does suck :(

Did I hear something about some senoritas :P

Is there a website where you can hire a maid with Smartcash?

Oh lord....if I ever find a way to pay with smart.....I'll never clean again for sure

Dude, no apologies about behind on comments. Your one of the best Steemers out there. Glad you were out having a blast.

Hahaha! Back to the real world my brother!

I really thought you were going to say look what I brought your suitcase and unveil your new stunning contortionist senorita squeeze as she says hola to the steemit world.

aw, Copacabana @broncnutz miss you a lot come back please, it is difficult to do all the work especially the laundry work, by the way your house is awesome, you can invite me i'll do your laundry at home, haha

@broncnutz sir your home looks like Eden to me, you can find anyone to be a made there, everyone will be happy to go there

Oh man I know that feeling coming home from a vacation. Everything seems crappy compared to where you were! It happened coming home after being in the Caribbean over Christmas. Welcome home LOL....looking forward to more videos.

regardless the laundry pyramid, the house looks so beautiful to spend a weekend in. I hope to meet you one day, somewhere, someoccasion and have a conversation with you and maybe making a vlog together

I would love it, hit me up if u ever in Colorado Springs

ofcourse I will. it can't be a chance to miss

It's just not the same being on holiday :(

Still nice apartment and we're sure it's good to be home to enjoy some comfort.

Excited about your next vacation idea and sorry to hear that Mexican quarterback didn't want to leave the sunny hot weather in Acapulco for Denver. Missing out big time! :p

There's no reason to apologize. You're doing this well. I follow your share with pleasure, sir. It is also very effective at home :)) It is a very nice behavior to appreciate the comments and the people who are sharing with you. Everybody can not do that.

because that's @broncnutz. he is special

Exactly! :)

Hahahahahhaa scattered room... U'r having so much fun during this vacation. Sorry, your maid cnt always be there for you. You need your own life. Lol Keep having fun @broncnutz Lots of things are amazing over there in Anapulco. Ur kindness is amazing even with your busy schedules. Weldone

yes, he always care about his followers whatever he is doing, he is really kind person and has a cool personality

I’ve looking pile of cloths!!! Where is Geeves when you need him? Dude, I have been all over the Combine this year. I’ve never watched it so closely but with the Broncos having the #5 overall pick we are gonna get a bonified stud. I can’t imagine Barkley falls but he looked like a god on Friday!! Very curious who you liked with the QB’s. josh Allen looked pretty freaking good and he showed off his Bullet arm. Mayfield looked great as well but he is one arrogant SOB. I don’t want to touch Darnoldson or Rosen with a 10 foot pole. Can’t believe Darnoldson isn’t throwing. Come on dude. And Rosen can’t stay healthy for 10 minutes.
I loved how many times the planned to Elway watching the QB’s work out today. No shit, we need a QB!! I think Cousins is a great fit but I’m starting to worry about what we are gonna have to pay.

Ey cool, you got a little hunting dog (picture of you and him in the frame at the wall?) He looks funny from this perspective

This maid crisis is genuine in Pakistan. Our conversations begin from Maids and end in maid while in the middle we are looking for maids or either getting them hired. We are one weird nation who are literally run by the maids. Much respect for these ladies who put up with us.

Welcome back stateside, OG @broncnutz ! You're still leading the Colorado crypto high life, no worries.

Haha it's hard to get in this house works routine, but once you do your job you found it really relieving! But, I hear you are already planning your next vacation haha Good life bro!

Cool to follow your stories, do you want Kirk on your team?

Cheers, Luka.

Wow...another wonderful and interesting videography by @broncnutz sir...
Amazing start...hahaha...really interesting sir...
I think your vacation is unforgetable...such a amazing exeperience in your life...
Ohhh..hudge cloths collection for wash...I think hudge work for laundry...
Safe traveling...enjoy your life...

Don't worry we can can arrange our work by himself .

Hahaha nice video, maid is missing

nice house! I like the wine bottles on the wall

continue miss her and oneday she will come to you

Very funny video. I did not hear the sounds of the ocean so it was not the Copacabana Hotel (lol) Nice mosaic picture in the kitchen. I look forward to a cooking video (you can not have a lovely kitchen and not cook) at least it would be preferred to a laundry one!

How i wish i had a maid to do mine, am pretty lazy in terms of my laundry....mine room is equally has scattered as

Every thing want hard work . which i seen in your posts . keep going on .
Your home is awsm . very beautiful .
I am very glad to see your posts . i dnt know why but i m .

ooh your house really beautiful <3 but its very difficult doing all the work by your self specially the laundry is the hardest part of work..
good luckk friend !
hope Copacabana will come back soon :)

wow! great and interesting video,,,,,,
i liked...........thanks for this............////////////

Ooooh, you room shows that you enjoyed alot. . .
BTW the place is awesome amd specially the kitchen. . . It’s beautiful
Copacabana Plz come to @broncnutz , he is missing you!!!!

Wow great video
Sir your maid hot stuck in traffic 😀😀😂😂😂

@broncnutz yes i understand you have to handle so much you make videos and edit them it takes a lot of effort and after that doing laundry work it would be quite hectic...... There might be a laundry app like we have in india just try that

Is it just me or did Lefty have a party while you were gone?

great video @broncnutz.
thanks for sharing.

This is what I call lazy vacations hahahaha

Just kidding :)

oh you are back home what a surprise messed up situation but all will be back to normal :D

you need a servant to take the mission of cleaning your room otherwise you will waste your vacation doing this. by the way, the music at the background looks so cool

Fantastic video @broncnutz. Great information..

thanks for sharing.

It sucks having to transition from the vacation lifestyle to the regular times. It's so jarring sometimes that I came home from my trip to Washington DC, I said to myself that "I would rate this place two stars". I'm really loving the brick walls and the stainless steel appliances, it really gives a comfortable yet refined look to your house.

oh that suck bro but good home vibes are back great views from balcony wonderful start to the new adventures hahah

maid need to make way to the west west soon hahha this is quite exciting :)

Life always go back to normal. Thats what makes vacation special.
But being home is kinda nice too, don't you think?

Can you have a maid in Denver? See if you can use Smartcash to get the laundry done! haha

Beautiful day.. weather seems good - always nice to watch the 719ww location!

hahaha!! :D i wish your maid come back soon and clean your house :P
enjoy yourself @broncnutz

great job bro......

Wow!great is funny and interesting [email protected] sharing

these days find a maid is like finding water in desert 😁

Hahaha...every weekend of mine goes in clearing the mess

wow, super post, I was very interested and I decided to follow you :) I also invite you and my blog. he writes about fashion and travel, and about other curiosities. I'm already watching you and I'm counting on rewanz, I'm gonna put Gordon in :)

Wait ...wait...wait... you have a TV on your balcony?? !! now that's the life
Get yourself a maid, getting a maid=more time for yourself= more time for steemit= more money= maid is paid

wow awesome video...I like this video... if one day maid not come to home, we suffer from many things like that.

good job bro !!
keep steeming :D

you will spend this vacation in finishing your laundry, I promise you a better vacation next time with no laundry hahaha
enjoy brother @broncnutz

excellent!! know what you mean!!

oh i know that feeling bro hahah i am that messed up man too need some maids

what is happening bro life changed hahha we are back to the daily routine no worries its fun too

vacation seems to be over and that staff is missing you for sure @broncnutz

wow, travel is amazing, i really like the video @broncnutz.

you need to visit there soon once again and next time do so scuba diving too hahah no need of maid then lolz just kidding : )

Messed up what's happening hahah you need to jump on to the bed and everything will be gucci

what? que? nani?

you didn't even watch
how you make a comment on a video long more than 5 minutes in under than a minute
give yourself a chance to watch and provide a honest opinion instead of spamming

even i will miss Copacabana for sure we are used to that experience now

happy time sir, thanks for share your moments.

Haha where the maid? You always comes with such unique ideas.

hahaha nice to see your big luggage of clotehs ready to go laundry and welcome back to your home @broncnutz hope you enjoyed much in your travel
also a good view of outside from your balcony now whats your plan in your life in home about crypto and playing??

great post on video sir😊

The room was really messy. My room is scattered like in your room. The servant should come to you urgently.

you are struck with the vacation vibes hshahh you need to hire a maid lol

I don't feel sorry for you! Lol Glad to have you back home. See you Wednesday for Sadie's b-day dinner.

in my country. this is usually student houses. for being single. for example I am a student but my home is in a bad situation like yours. but if you can, bring your service back. I follow you closely. good luck in your life :)

in fact, my house looked worst than this when I was a student
it was like a rubbish pin lol

You should be able to subscribe to a service that does all the household tasks every day. Including the laundry. And bring your drinks. Cheers from The Netherlands!

Very beautiful house. interesting video. Thank you so much for sharing Sir @broncnutz.

nice apartment and we're sure it's good ...
You are looking smart.....


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