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At my birthday I used to get calls from my friends and family members few years back but in the recent time I only receive the message of my birthday on Whatsapp or on facebook. There are less visitors at my home, thanks to smartphone. As the technology is growing and the smartphones are our necessity, we people are addicted to this gadget. This device helps us to search new places, make us shopping, playing games, make us socialize, listening to music, watching movies, clicking photos let them share and many more things that we can do with this gadget. The main feature of this device is exchanges of the verbal conversations, we do text on it with the help of many apps like Wahtsapp, Facebook, Twitter, skype and many more.
These days the younger generation is falling silent with the growing use of smartphone. Youngsters simply do not like to talk too much. Texting or using the social media is fine, as we can avoid to speak some one. A survey from the OFCOM revealed, about 15% of 16-24 year old don’t want to use their smartphone to speak people they prefer to text and use the instant messengers. Even when they are in the same room, they do text to talk and not face to face.

One example of less talking is, when few years back we used to travel through a bus or train we people used to talk with co passengers, but now a days we always keep our earphone in the ears for either to listen to the music or to watch the movies or playing online games or to watch the news. Today we are used to hear the sound that we like to, prior to that we were used to hear the sound of people talking, the radio playing, children screaming, dogs barking, clang of utensils in kitchen etc. This is private world of sound. Now a days we have moved to noiseless and soundless world.

Today we made the new way of talking that is the texting, social media has changed how we communicate privately. People these days avoid to make calls. Few years back when people used to talk on the landline for hours, I remember when we do not have phone at my house and used to provide a number of neighbor’s landline and got many calls from relatives. In those days we have to say sorry to our neighbors for too many calls. Now we have smartphones and we are not getting that much calls instead of text on it. This is the easiest way to communicate as someone do not want to talk and they drop a message on your Whatsapp. If we have to go out there will be no calls at all just drop a message on the whatsapp in a common group.

This is due to the change in human behavior, people tend to choose easy way to interact and the easiest way is to text someone. Daily use of social media has made our minds exhausted and we seek silence in today’s world. We can easily interact with people on the smartphone instead of people in front of us. Due to the smartphones we can easily edit our thoughts and expressions with the help of dictionary, emojis and can make our mistakes edited while these mistakes can not be eradicated while talking on the phone or face to face. There is one scientific reason why people not talk on the phone as the anxious people are tongue tied, from them to talk on the phone is like a terror.

As the smartphone is now a requirement of our daily life there are many advantages as well as disadvantages of it. Hereby I would like to people to use their phones in positive way, please try to talk to people instead of sending text, as talking to them can make an emotional bond with them, You can hear their voices and make the judgment that everything is okay with him/her, while by texting you can not judge the people’s expressions and mental estate.


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Good acticle @btiraj, thanks your sharing. Good job.

Thanks a lot for the appreciation.