Do you have something scheduled that you really don't want to do? Here's what to do:

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I LIVE by the philosophy of Following Your Highest Excitement which I learned from Bashar/Darryl Enka.

Following Your Highest Excitement means that when you have completed an activity, you explore your options of things to do and choose the one for which you feel the highest excitement. When you've completed that activity to the best of your ability, you then explore your options and choose the activity for which you feel the highest excitement and once again repeat.

I've learned through years of practice and finding nuance that Following Your Highest Excitement is a self contained kit. It is your connection to your Intuition. We are extensions of Source Energy, and that Source Energy has far and wide view of not only where we stand in every single moment in relation to what we want, but every single thing around us. It's always orchestrating along with universal forces our path of least resistance to our highest good and what we want. It takes all things into consideration. When you try Following Your Highest Excitement for yourself, you experience firsthand the absolutely intricate and beautiful orchestration of the universe.

When I don't want to do something, I know that something's off. And I've learned from firsthand experience that doing something you don't want to do is actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. It does not get you to where you want to be. Now, sometimes beginning the action anyway can get you feeling good. This often happens with things like working out or meditating.

But what I always do is pre-pave my activities. So if I have something scheduled that I don't want to do, I feel into it. I become inquisitive. I check in with myself. What am I thinking about that activity? Feeling negative emotion actually means that the way you're thinking about a topic is different than what your Inner Being/Source Energy knows to be true about that. Whenever you feel negative emotion, it's your indicator to stop, notice, be where you are, become inquisitive, start asking yourself questions. WHY don't you want to do it? Is it because you're afraid of what people will think of you? You're afraid you'll fail? Then, ask your Source Energy what IT knows about that. I usually have thoughts flood into my mind immediately. And if those thoughts feel good, I trust them. Is there a thought you're thinking about doing the activity that's NOT TRUE? Then get right about that thought and proceed with the activity once you've found and aligned with the true thought about that activity.

If I still can't get into alignment with doing the activity, I usually find that if there's another person involved they'll text me and cancel.

If they don't cancel AND you're unable to get yourself to a good-feeling place about it, explore your no. Do you feel a giant sense of relief?

If so, keep entertaining the no. Maybe you feel an immediate lift in your energy and right that moment you feel inspired to do something else.

Check back in. How do you feel about the activity now?

If you keep going back to the subject of the activity and it does not feel good, I would highly recommend canceling if it's not a matter of life or death. Literally a matter of life or death.

Not being able to line up with it means something is off. Doing things when the energy is off is a recipe for disaster or danger at worst and counter-productive at best.

This is a process I've nuanced over years, and it has worked extremely well for me.



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