Five years ago I sold almost everything I owned, now I am doing it again

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 I have been nesting down, hoarding all manner of gorgeous things and running a large emporium filled with local artisan work for the past four years. 

It has been rewarding, comfortable and wonderful. 

Up until a few months ago, it seemed a lovely way to pass the next five years too. 

Then one day, out of the blue skies of contentment, a sneaky north wind blew.

My heart started to fill with dreams of wanderlust, adventure, minimalism and a burning desire to radically uproot. 

I have always tread on the outer circle, rejecting waste and fast living, preferring to keep it simple. But somehow over the years since my last life purge, I have filled up my life with stuff. Physical and mental clutter. I am fully aware of this now. It is not really until you start to clean it up do you realise just how much you had. 

I am closing the doors to my Recycled Gallery shop in two weeks. It has been a mega effort to fold up 300 square metres of a vintage bowerbirds nest but I am almost done. 

Before the year is out, I am hitting the highway, husband and kids in tow to live from a suitcase for a while, until we wander through a place that feels like home. 

I am so much looking forward to the beauty of a minimalist lifestyle again. The fluidity and freedom to wander.   

until next time, 

xx Isabella


Well if the road is calling you need to hede the call.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy the vote!

So exciting! I will look forward to hearing about your travels.

Nice post, nice pictures !

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